SunN.Y., Duprie Protégé Emerges

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Jermaine Dupri, President of the Virgin Urban Division, believes "SunN.Y. is one of the reasons that Virgin will win and be taken seriously as a rap label."  Why does Dupri feel so confident about 23-year-old artist? Perhaps it is because SunN.Y. provides the beacon of light to a genre that was becoming very gloomy and dark, with no real purpose besides creating lyrics for profit.

SunN.Y. is one of the last rappers who is a rapper because that's all he knows. As commercial Hip Hop has clogged the pipes of real artistic story telling, consumers were growing more and more disenchanted. It is no wonder that SunN.Y is regarded as a breath of fresh air. SunN.Y. has the lyrical skills to paint vivid pictures as if you are reading his own personal diary.

There are no gimmicks, there are no campaigns, there is SunN.Y sharing his “truth.� And wasn't that Hip Hop in the first place?  Dougie Fresh, Eric B. & Rakim, Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Run D.M.C., Grand Master Flash, and Slick Rick—SunN.Y. has all of these elements but provides his own modern touch, swift punch lines that knocks contenders out in any lyrical battle. With Dupri's direction it is no wonder that SunN.Y. is one of the most anticipated New York rappers to come out in a long time. He won BET 106 & Park Free Style competition seven times in a row.


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