The Massacre – 50 Cent

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50 cent has never sounded better, his sophomore CD The Massacre, is smoking. With melting tracks like Intro, This Is 50, Piggy Bank and Candy Shop, he has upped the ante in the hip hop community. Not only is this a more maturely produced CD but the lyrics have more creativity and originality.

50, maintains a lot of the dance beats from his debut CD Get Rich, Die Trying while scrumptiously cementing his signature as a gangster rapper with an outstanding pedigree. In The Massacre, he makes Grammy award winner Kanye West look like he just came from church.

Although the CD is a bit lengthy, a good twenty-two tracks, 50, makes up by mixing different styles, old school and thematic pieces like Gatman And Robbin. 50 also succeeds in instilling the music with humor and a good amount of sexual appeal. It is definitely sexier than his debut, and a lot more honest about the artist he intends to be. My only concern is that the line between fiction and reality could easily become blurred, so far as his gangster image is concerned. One is reminded that in the 80s Michael Jackson worked hard and even benefited from his image as a weirdo, now that macabre image precedes him in a very inopportune and negative fashion.

Executive producers; Dr. Dre, Eminem & 50 Cent
Originally released: 2005
Aftermath Records (USA)
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