The Wendy Williams Xperience

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Wendy Williams’s the numero uno radio personality in the country, if you don’t know—well what planet do you live on?

Famous for her gossip, “tell all�, and truth-be-told approach Williams is a powerhouse behind the mic. A Pied Piper, unlike one who is well known for that moniker but does other things with the children, Wendy is a leader. People follow. They have been for years. Celebrities and listeners love to hate her. But they come back for more anyway. Who wouldn’t? Her five-hour show (1 extra in NY) proves people are listening.

BSN: How do you handle being Wendy Williams and being a parent as well?

WW: Great help at home. Outside of my husband and I; we have a fulltime…well, she was a nanny and now he’s five, so it’s more like she helps keep me together. She’s the secretary of the house, driver, groceries, she really helps me out. I am very hands on myself but we wouldn’t be here tonight knowing that some 16-year-old burn out with her boyfriend, hiding in the bushes…. ‘Cause I used to be that. We’re not having it. Now hindsight is 20/20 and we all do things differently but…good help at home.  And a Subzero refrigerator because they keep things fresher longer.  The average thing whether it’s a head of lettuce or roast from Sunday; its still good until the following Sunday. They keep things fresher longer. They seal tighter.  It seems like a weird thing …

BSN: What’s a typical day for Wendy Williams?

WW: A typical day starts for me by waking up at 7:00 in the morning. Our son is in kindergarten now and his school bell is 9:00 am. It’s a new school year and so far he hasn’t been late at all. So, I get him to school by 9 and then I come back home. Sometimes I get home and go back in the bed other times I’m rushing to do things. And a lot of times it’s in the bed and talking on the phone. And then I do the radio show, which is like second nature at this point. It doesn’t require me to get their like 11 or 10’o clock in the morning to get it together. It’s more of a lifestyle rather than going to the office to plan. And then I get in and I talk. That’s why it’s called The Wendy Williams Experience. It’s my experience. It’s what it is.

Copyright 2005 Tonisha Johnson

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