Tylibah: Petite Dynamo Poet

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Since the publication of her book “Streets In Poem Form,�16 months ago, Tylibah Washington has sold over 15,000 copies. Very impressive numbers for a title from a small publishing house. Sales have been generated almost entirely through the tireless promotion of the author herself. “It’s because I push it,� she says. “Any function that I go to I always carry my book with me.�

Aspiring writers and even marketing executives can learn a few things from this petite dynamo, who is a mere 20 years of age. Her book covers a wide range of topics, from the challenges of growing up in low income neighborhoods, rape and drug abuse, to the war on Iraq. The book’s forward was penned by Charles Barron, the fiery and popular New York City Councilmember who now has his eyes set on the US Congress.

The book is “a must read for those seeking truth, justice and liberation,� declares the Councilmember. In addition to here in the U.S., Tylibah’s book –she prefers going by her first name –is now sold in Canada, Ghana, and Guyana. “Someone from Guyana who read the book while here, when he returned to Guyana, he ordered two boxes which is 1,000 books,� the author enthuses. “I have also sold in churches and in the streets. I have a big network of schools and churches that support the book.�

Her work appeals to the young, including teenagers, and more mature readers she says.
Older readers relate to the political sections while younger readers are attracted to the personals sections, which includes candid reminiscences from the author’s own childhood. “I talk about my struggles that I have going through as an aspiring artist. It is the story of many people,â€? she notes. “I talk about Ghetto Brother Blues,â€? in which she addresses what she says is the “arrogance and bravadoâ€? of some young brothers. “It also corresponds to sisters as well. Some of the ills in poor communities,  and how they affect young women and men all over the world.â€?

Tylibah says women sometimes hide rape by “keeping it to themselves,� which is wrong and allows such problems to fester. Other issues she addresses include unemployment among young African Americans. “Not only do I talk about the problems but I talk about possible solutions too,� she adds, “Such as group writing, discussions and talking about the things that bother us.�

Tylibah also encourages young people to take up writing, in her book, and whenever she makes presentations. “We have to communicate and talk about the things that we go through. Writing is also therapeutic. People tell me that because of my book they started writing poetry. They say ‘I saw that this is something that I can do.’�

So what’s next on this charismatic and multi-talented young lady’s plate? The likeliest place to find her nowadays is in a recording studio. She’s hard at work with a well-known producer –she prefers not to reveal the name – on music track she says “are upbeat but have a message.� Stay tuned world.

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