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Photo: Miller London, Publisher & CEO of The Urban Network, Inc.
Photo complements of The Urban Network, Inc.

Have you ever received promos in your e-mail that you actually look forward to receiving?  Well The Urban Network Group, Inc. has that effect as they continue to hit their carefully strategized targets with ingenious marketing strategies.  It’s like a surprise gift of fine chocolates – you never know what tasty treat you’ll experience the next time.  Their versatile arsenal of services and relentless approach of presenting carefully chosen targets sharp, beautifully laid out bulletins and promos give you no choice but to admire them.   Let me introduce you to the guys who are taking online marketing off the meter:  Here's what they have to say:

*"The Urban Network Group, Inc. in existence since 1988, is known as a premiere entertainment industry publication as well as an online portal, multi-media company that bridges the urban entertainment community – its lifestyle, the consumer, and the film, radio, retail and record industries. The magazine and website’s content focus is on artist interviews, radio air personalities, industry gossip, insider record company information, executive interviews, event photos and special interest information. The Urban Network covers contemporary urban music, gospel, hip-hop, adult contemporary, blues and jazz. It examines the latest in home entertainment trends, cinema and DVD news, TV, gaming and lifestyle products. At the helm of the organization since 1994, is its Publisher & CEO, Miller London, a 30 year plus music industry veteran, who has held senior executive posts at Motown, RCA and A&M Records.

About Arthur Mitchell, Urban Network’s VP, Business Development

Creative, edgy and totally in the “urban know�, Arthur Mitchell, Urban Network’s VP of Business Development for the last 2 years, has developed several successful marketing platforms for the Urban Network Group, Inc. and we are honored to have him be a part of our team! Arthur comes with a very impressive resume as a music industry professional with many years of valuable experience in talent development/A&R, promotion, distribution and promotional advertising.

Mr. Mitchell formed Deemo Records in 1993 as an independent label for the development and release of new musical talent, the most active ever minority-owned label in San Diego. He is the author of the book “From the Band Room to The Board Room� and “Music for Fun and Profit,� which will be released later this year. Arthur has won the San Diego Music Award three times and was nominated for it eight times. He has had record and distribution contracts with Solar Hines, and Ground Level Distribution and is considered to be one of the top sponsorship salesmen in the U.S. Arthur is named as an authority figure on sales and marketing in the 2000 edition of Who’s Who. Mitchell is a very savvy online marketer who understands how to generate income and sales from online marketing.

The Urban Network Digital Magazine

Notably, Arthur is the person responsible for implementing the Urban Network Online Digital Magazine featured on the interactive website. The digital magazine is a 3D page turning format that is updateable and offers page-by-page tracking – even when viewed on the desktop. Special features of the format include the ability to embed video and audio tracks. Additionally, the digital magazine offers video and audio streaming into the pages of the magazine. The digital magazine supports hyperlinks to websites and email address plus animation formats, Flash and GIF. This format couples the convenience and portability of formats like PDF for viewing offline but leverages the interactive and rich media elements of the web.

Marketing Opportunities for Independent Labels

In case you all didn’t already know – and for all you new comers to the Palm Springs Summit, The Urban Network is more than just a glossy magazine - it’s also a web portal that offers numerous monthly marketing programs for independent labels and artists. Our “network� offers articles and features on our Indie Label News Page and hyperlinks back to your label or website.
Promote Your Artist/Label at UrbanNetwork.com

The virtual website also plays your tracks on rotation on the Urban Network Player, as well as spins tracks on our very own Internet radio station called “The Mix.� We also give the Urban entertainment community the opportunity to be featured prominently on the Urban Network website homepage - whether you are a music artist or working in the Urban Film and TV community. We also support the faith based Gospel community on our website and Mitchell was the integral part of helping the Urban Network Group form a partnership with Media Guide and Music Monitor to track musical listings in all genres of music.

Mitchell is the person at the Urban Network Group responsible for developing our online Home Page advertising program and our highly successful newsletter email marketing campaign that gives our clients the opportunity to be exposed to over 2,500 music industry professionals, 350 radio stations, 600 retail stores and 100,000 general consumers and industry personnel. Urban Network has the ability to send out E-Blast information to a specifically targeted African American database of 10 million and Hispanic database of 3 million.

Digital Marketing Programs

Most recently, Mitchell developed several “online digital marketing� programs – the first being the new Urban Network Digital Distribution Service program that offers independent artists and indie labels access to more than two dozen digital distribution services. Mitchell created our new Urban Network Digital program as a premier “digital distributor� for independent labels to help get their music on iTunes, Napster, MSN and the Burn Lounge as well as 30 other downloadable services worldwide, giving you access to much expose and revenue.

The Urban Network Group now also offers what Mitchell calls our “Digital Promotions Program.� The new Urban Network Digital Promotional Program allows services to access detailed information about our artists, albums and labels - at the click of a mouse and ensures that your music will be part of a catalog of quality independent labels, making your music more attractive to services for promotions. Working with the Urban Network digital program allows you to break through the fog of digital promotions. Mitchell has recently developed promotional partnerships with mp3.com, Better Propaganda and similar sites to drive traffic to your downloads. We also offer an in-house promotional department to help guide you to make the most of your online promotional campaign.

Lastly, an additional digital program has been developed by Arthur Mitchell that includes what we call our “Digital Dashboard� program. This program features online catalog management and accounting giving you unparalleled control over your own catalog. Because we do all our encoding in-house, we give you final say over the metadata (track names, artist names, publishers, etc). You simply log into the dashboard, add and edit all your info, and approve the release. We don’t deliver it until you give us the OK! In addition, with the Urban Network digital online sales and royalty reporting system, you can view your revenues and downloads broken down by artist, album, track and service, giving you ultimate visibility into your sales and success of promotional campaigns.

We'd love for you to be a part of our Digital Promotion Program! We offer the most simple start-up process in the business. After you sign up with us, all we need from you is just one copy of each CD. That’s it. Simple, huh? The CD’s will appear in our “digital dashboard� after they are encoded and will then be available for download worldwide within 6-8 weeks - the best part is you then get monthly checks and statements in the mail!

While you’re here with us at the Summit, look around for Arthur Mitchell, not only should you talk with him about the various programs Urban Network has to offer, you should speak with him about the financial investment opportunities that exist.
Invest In the Future, Invest In Urban Network

Urban Network Group, Inc. is an attractive investment opportunity. Due to its variety of income and profit streams it is far less capital intensive than most music businesses, thus offering higher rates of return to investors. We define our market as the urban community. The Urban Network Online Magazine customer is 18-34 African American, Hispanic and the general hip-hop community which includes a high percentage of young white males. This consumer is reached via online, radio, and television. Under the helm of Miller London, The Urban Network Management Team is already in place, and consists of executives with proven successful track records as successful senior managers in sales and marketing.

The company is growing so fast and adding so many new programs – Mr. London felt it necessary to restructure Urban Network in order to keep up with the expansion and the growth needs of the company. After considering all the great opportunities, Miller London decided to do a private placement and offer shares of Urban Network Group. The intent is to better position the company to go public in 3-5 years or less."

I love these guys!

*Profile complements of The Urban Network, Inc.

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