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(Stimulus...the man).

"A King’s County Tale" is the brilliant debut album from that has been long overdue from New York rapper Stimulus.

If you think the CD sounds like it’s from a rap veteran who has been in the business for some time now, well that observation is accurate. The reason Stimulus sounds so competent and accomplished is because he has been a student of rap since first listening to "Rock the bells" from LL Cool J back in ’86. After that experience, he would manage to catch rap attack every Friday on radio—"getting my fix" as Stimulus puts it.

Hip Hop was his solace during a difficult childhood. Having been kicked out of as many as four schools by the time he got to Junior High, the only constant in his life was music. This album sees Stimulus taking a break from funk-hop, New York-based "The real live show," which is a collective of two lyricists (Stimulus and Dionysos) together with a seven piece Jazz/Funk ensemble. As you can imagine, audiences were truly rocked to their boots at every show.

"A king’s County Tale" took the best part of two years to complete and the time taken to perfect it has paid off. The first single, "The story" is very unique and interesting in that Stimulus speaks in metaphors in order to tell the story about Hip Hop and its connection to the fan. "One chance" is an upbeat and aggressive track, which encourages us all to enjoy life because we only have one chance at it. The track also features guest appearances from Kae Hoc & Cali Bud who both have tight flows.

"S.T.I.M.U.L.U.S" is a braggadocio track, full of witty and clever lyrics, with minimal production that works well. "So high" features melodic guitar playing over a very musical track. This track is laid back, but that’s not surprising when you read the title.  "Move" is a half-Reggeaton half-Hip Hop track that works brilliantly, gives credence to the fusion of these two genres.

This album is a very good introduction to Stimulus for those who haven't heard of him. It offers conscious, clever and interesting lyrics and the music, comparable to the "Roots," in the way live instruments are incorporated into Hip Hop.  Release date is September 12th on Sugarwater Recordings, and its a worth while experience.

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