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When I hear negative comments, they go in one ear and immediately out the other. I always ignore negative people and keep my mind focused on what I’m trying to accomplish.


Where She’s From: Jean Baylor, formerly of the renowned Zhane', was born in Providence, Rhode Island. “I grew up in Moorestown, New Jersey not far from Philadelphia, since I was two years old,� she tells The Black Star News.

“Moorestown is a small suburban town that offers a very safe and educationally sound environment to grow up in. I participated in a lot of extra-curricular activities that included sports, mainly field hockey and lacrosse and singing in school musicals and talent shows.�

Baylor credits her parents with who she’s become. “My father is a pastor and my mother, a teacher.� Baylor says. “If I had to limit the most important things I’ve learned from my parents to a few, I’d say integrity, humility and a genuine love for other people. I’m still working on the latter. In every church my father has been called to pastor, there is a congregation full of people who have a very deep love and affection for both of my parents that continues to last even through his 40 years of ministry. They are the best parents I know.� 

Baylor attended Temple University in Philadelphia. “I performed in various talent shows there as well,� she continues. “That is where I met Reneé and not long after we were singing together. We sang in talent shows, weddings and even got hired to perform with a live band at the University’s Black Arts Festival. We were pretty bad back then, but, our friends still came out and supported us. We met someone who took us up to a few labels and sang a capella for them. That is how we initially got into the business and eventually got our record deal.�

Where She’s At:
“A new beginning would be the best way to describe my career now,� Baylor continues. “I went through some transitions leaving Zhané and living regular life for some years before actually pursuing my solo career. I’m now at the right place mentally and spiritually to release my solo debut album. The sky is the limit.  I really believe that I’m going to be very successful with this project and things to follow.  I’d like to get into other areas of entertainment, including TV/Film and I have ideas about other business ventures including real estate and charity organizations.� 

She knows that working independent of a major label has its challenges. “Although I prefer it this way, it’s not always easy to get through certain doors,� she says. “However, my motto is ‘no one can stop you from doing what you want to do.’ My husband and I work closely together and always press forward with that mindset. With creativity, innovation and God’s favor, we always accomplish our goals.�

She adds: “Also, anytime you have a vision and are working to attain it, there are always those who just can’t see that far.  When I hear negative comments, they go in one ear and immediately out the other.  I always ignore negative people and keep my mind focused on what I’m trying to accomplish.  There are times when I get discouraged, but, I know my purpose, so I keep going.�

Where She’s Heading: Of course most readers are familiar with Baylor’s string of accomplishments to date. As a recording artist she and Reneé became legendary as Zhané, (Pronounced Jah-nay) going platinum on their debut album. As a songwriting, her work placed in HBO’s “Disappearing Acts,� and she’s worked with Mary J. Blige and other artists.

On the Entrepreneurial front, Baylor formed the label Be A Light Music with her husband and released her solo debut album, “Testimony: my life story,� available for digital download at www.dajams.com

Baylor’s tip for up-and-coming entertainers be they performance artists or models, is: “First, I think beauty has much more to do with your personality and confidence than just your actual physical appearance. When you combine your personal beauty with the power of the mind, I believe you can go beyond your initial expectations and tap into your truest potential.�

So how does Baylor prepare to step out? “With hair products: Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo & Moisture Plus Conditioner. This makes my hair smooth and soft. Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Shampoo for problem areas. This helps my hair to grow in damaged places and relieves scalp discomfort. As far as skin care products:  Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser. This is the ultimate facial cleanser for sensitive skin especially when there’s irritation. And, Dermalogica Barrier Repair--I absolutely love this stuff! It actually helps to not only relieve irritated skin but heal the problem areas. Dove Sensitive Skin Facial Lotion-It’s good and cheap!  And my favorite makeup: M.A.C. They have great colors, and it’s non-abrasive. When it comes to nail care products:  Anything from the Chinese store--why don’t we own these stores?�

Baylor’s Words Of Wisdom: “Make your own decisions.  Don’t ever let someone else make them for you.  Even if it wasn’t the best decision, at least it will have been yours. Be responsible in every area of your life.  No one else can do that for you. Seek out wisdom, usually in older people.  It’s good to learn from other people’s mistakes. You don’t always have to learn the hard way.�
Baylor’s Secrets Of Success: “Putting God first in every single area of my life and asking Him what He wants me to do. ‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ Romans 12:2. Expanding my mind and allowing myself to think outside of the borders that people create. My partnership with my husband.  He is my strongest supporter and works extremely hard to make sure that opportunities are open to me. Be A Light would not exist without him. You have to be willing to work hard for what you want.  Laziness is not an option. Establish partnerships that not only benefit you, but, the other party as well. Staying focused on your ultimate goal and purpose.�
Baylor’s Favorite Three Movies: “Dumb and Dumber; Bridges of Madison County; The Passion…�
Baylor’s Favorite Three Books: “God Chasers by Tommy Tenney; Where the Heart Is, by Billie Letts; and, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Richard Kiyosaki.�
The First Three Things Baylor Would Do As President: “Stop the war; Stop the war; and, Stop the war.�
At End Of Day Sentence Describing Accomplishments: “Jean Baylor was an incredible wife, mother, sister and daughter, and a true woman of God.�
Baylor’s Favorite Cars And Why: “BMW X3; very cute, very cool. Volkswagen Passat; professional looking with some flavor, and won’t attract attention. Audi; smooth. BMW Mini-Coop; cute and trendy and great for parking.�

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