Are Video Poker Machines Taking Over Vegas Casinos?

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Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games currently available. It is based on five-card draw poker and is a game of skill which has the possibility of large wins. Compared with slot machines, the game allows the player a larger amount of influence over the outcome as they have to make choices about whether or not to keep the cards they are dealt. There are a number of online strategy guides to help video poker players to learn the best techniques, such as Ladbrokes’ in-depth guide to video poker, so even beginners can learn how to become experts over time.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular gambling destinations in the world, with a number of world class casinos based within walking distance along the famous strip. The city has been described as one of the best places to play video poker in the world because there are hundreds of machines which can offer 100% returns when the player is betting with five coins and playing at the best of their strategy.

Some people are concerned that, because of their popularity, video poker machines are taking over Las Vegas casinos and leaving little room for other machines. Anyone who has visited casinos in Las Vegas will know that, although video poker is thriving, most casinos are home to a huge variety of games- from slots to table games.

One of the most popular casinos to visit is the Stratosphere, which towers above Vegas and offers a luxurious experience for visitors. The Stratosphere is also home to a luxurious hotel, restaurant and bar. The casino itself is huge, reaching over 80,000 square foot! The Stratosphere casino aims to cater for fans of both traditional reel-type games and the newest slot games; it has got 50 different table games, 1,500 video poker and slot machines as well as poker rooms. This shows the sheer scale of Las Vegas casinos and the variety available within them.

The options you have in the casinos will vary depending on where you are heading. Most players would agree that the best places to play are not located on the Las Vegas strip, for better value betting players will need to head to casinos downtown. You can also usually find more variety away from the strip, which primarily aims to attract tourists.

In the future, Las Vegas casinos could be dramatically changed by technology. The development of virtual reality slot machines is well underway, which could see players wearing VR headsets to play more immersive and exciting games. This development in technology could also see casinos changing inside so they look similar to arcades, with different zones for different interactive games.

It is quite clear that video poker still remains one of the most popular casino games in Las Vegas, however it has not completely taken over. Players can still find plenty of variety if they head to the right places and some of the best value and variety can be found outside of the famous strip.


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