Brutha's Big Debut

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At 6 am on any day of the week, the average 20-something year old man is either sleeping or thinking about the sleep he's missing on his way to work.

Yet a special group of young men arise at the crack of dawn for a different reason. These young men are done chasing a dream and are working on making what was once a fantasy, now a stark reality.

The young men that comprise the R&B group called Brutha include Anthony, Jared Ruben, Jacob, Cheyenne, and Grady. In a media market where R&B has peaked, taken a downturn and turned into pop, Brutha stands to bring back memories of yore when every other station catered to the high demand for groups such as 112, Jagged Edge, or Dru Hill.

What sets this latest crop of neo soul crooners apart from the rest is as they say they have grown from brothers to " Brutha;" aptly, the name of their new reality show debuting on BET on November 18 is Brothers to Brutha.

Brutha stands a fighting chance as there is a void where good music groups used to be; they are destined for instant fame even if it only lasts a bit longer than fifteen minutes.

During our recent interview Jacob "the Smokie Robinson" of the group reassures their soon to be fans who may fear a messy break up one day down the road this way: "We're brothers, we argue and we make up! We're family." Of what I've heard so far, these brothers have soul; yet their overly-manicured look may be a slight distraction.

Those words will be tested thought the run of their show, where as already seen in previews, some arguments seem to reach the point of no return. Yet their familial bond is what helps them stand out; what one would do for a friend they would do even more for a brother.

When asked where they see themselves five years from now, Jacob ponders before responding: "Five years from now we want to be like New Edition, 30 years in the game. Longevity is the key."


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