The Legendary Intruders Onstage in Harlem

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Friday, December 10, the Legendary Intruders brought the fans to their feet
dancing the night away at the St Marks Church on 138th Street, off
Lennox Avenue in Harlem.

The thrill of hearing the group perform
prompted the ladies in the audience to yell out their names and ask
just to touch their singing idols as Legendary Intruders Mac McKenzie,
Lee Bradley, Jubar Jones and Johnny Waiters (aka LJ) sang their hits "I
Wanna Know Your Name,"Cowboys to Girls," and "I'll Always Love My Mama,"
among others.

Wine, sodas, fried chicken and macaroni and potato
salads graced the tables of audience members who came out to eat and be
entertained and it seemed by their reaction they were sated both
musically and gastronomically.

Three of the four men who now make
up The Legendary Intruders, were hand
picked by their predecessors and original performing  founding member of the
Original Intruders, the late Mr. Fred Daugherty. Fred and those he
choice to carry on the Intruder tradition did so until Mr. Daugherty's death.  The
Legendary Intruders state that it was Fred who gave them their style,
sound and class as performers.   Jubar Jones is the fourth member to
join after the passing of Daughtery.

The Legendary Intruders of today continue the tradition led by Lee Bradley in honor of Mr. Daughtery.  Daugherty
brought his cousin Lee Bradley into the group and the group has carried on  ever since making sure they lived up to and carried on the legacy and
tradition of the Original Intruders.

So revved up were the Intruders that before the night of
December 10th ended, Legendary Intruder Jubar Jones and Johnny Waiters
bowed to customer requests at the legendary Harlem jazz spot "Showmans"
on 125th Street off Morningside and St. Nicholas Avenues) by singing
"Rainy Night in Georgia" and "Since I Fell For You." In fact, so
impressed were the owners, they engaged the Legendary Intruders to
perform at the club in May 2011.

We may also catch the group at the
world famous Apollo Theatre in May as well.

Fans of the Legendary
Intruders can also catch them at the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration
on January 15, 2011 at the renowned Paradise Theatre in the Bronx.  And, once
the date is confirmed, Boston fans may catch the singers performing
during the February 12th Valentine Day weekend. Further info to be

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