Joe Turner's Come And Gone, And Other Plays

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            JOE TURNER'S COME AND GONE   July 15 - 7pmBrecht Forum451 West StreetNew York, NY 10004  XTIGONE   August 5 South Oxford SpaceHAVING OUR SAY   September 25 South Oxford Space GYPSY AND THE BULLY DOOR

    October 21 South Oxford Space  

   Theatre in Revue  Theatre In Revue (TIR)is a celebration of the playwright's voice. In a time when the theatre is filled with gimmick after gimmick, flash after flash, trick after trick, TIR offers its audiences the opportunity to connect to the heart of the play, which is the text. Each TIR play or musical is performed by talented actors who bring the words of the playwright to life without the clutter of theatrics. The evening is about the actors, the audience, and THE WORDS!Surrounding this evening is an opportunity for friendship, fellowship and food.      Our audiences come into the theatre as strangers, but as the evening progresses new relationships are formed over the shared experience of good food and wine and excitingand intimate performances by some of the finest actors in NYC!So join ATH this season as we celebrate the voices of Jason Robert Brown, August Wilson, Terrence McNally, Athol Fugard, as well as new works by some of the brightest emerging voices this City has to offer. 


Be a part of Theatre in Revue: Email us stating your desire to spend the evening with us and we will email you back with dates, times and locations. 

When you come, remember to bring a bottle of wine and/or your favorite dish/dessert to share with those gathering to enjoy the experience. 

Here is my favorite part about TIR... 

THERE IS NO SET TICKET PRICE!  We only ask that you come prepared to have a good time with new friends. At the end of the evening, if you've had a great time, you donate what your heart and the evening demands. We suggest a minimum of $10 but no donation is too large or too small.    Let ATH know you'll be there!  When you come, remember to bring a bottle of wine and/or your favorite dish/dessert to share with those gathering to enjoy the experience.    Join us for great nights of theatre!!!


 For more questions please contact us via or (718) 750-1049




October 17 - October 20


American Theatre of Harlem

 138 S. Oxford Street / Brooklyn, New York 11217 /(718) 750-1049


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