Miles Davis: In His Own Words

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I cannot recall the exact occasion that brought about my first meeting with Kene Holliday.   Perhaps it was the fact we are both Moon Children that prompted our friendship or just because he takes his craft seriously.  He has on occasion honored my birthday and I have in turn attended his performances.  Aware of his acting chops, I am looking forward to Kene's depiction of the life of famed trumpeter Miles Davis via the production "Miles Davis...In His Own Words."

Some of you may remember Kene's portrayal of Tyler Hudson on the television show Matlock starring Andy Griffith and in the TV series "Carter Country." I have seen him on stage and screen. So, I am looking forward to his bringing Davis alive on stage at the Castillo Theater, located at 543 West 42nd St in NYC on Tuesday, October 29th for a 7:00 pm performance. Admission is free and you're all invited but you have to make a reservation. Call 212-941-1234.

Miles was a very complicated man. This writer met Miles years ago and while he had the reputation of being occasionally violent, he was always kind to me. I can recall he was intense, had a sense of humor and liked to shock.  I witnessed some of his bizarre moments and some fiercely creative ones. Whether it was with his trumpet or his paint brush, Miles had something to say. Sometimes delivering his message with his back turned to the audience.  After all, Miles was a pugilist and encouraged his son to be one as well.  There was many the occasion his son found himself engaged in brawls in order to protect his father after Miles ran his mouth.  One thing for sure, if you ever had the opportunity to meet him, you never forgot him.

I do not think anyone truly knew Miles Davis the inner man.  Although Kene will be presenting an enactment of the life of a man millions admire through his music. "Many have known of Mr Davis but few have seen behind the veil Miles erected between himself and the world at large."

Kene Holliday has appeared on The Wayans Brothers Show, Hart to Hart, the Jeffersons, Kojak, The Incredible Hulk, What's Happening, Fall Guy, and the spin-off of Benson wherein he played Benson's brother. He guest starred in Roots: the Second Generation and co-starred with James Woods, Larry Riley and Richard Brooks in Badge of Assassin

He has done voice over work and appeared in the directorial debut of Great World of Sound that received several independent film awards.

I plan to be in the audience to view Kene's depiction of "Miles Davis...In His Own Words" on Tuesday, October 29th. Hope to see you there too!

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