Connect TV Web Series Launches Crushing Black Stereotypes

Connect by Let's Buy Black 365 on set picture with Host Nataki Kambon and co-host Taalib Saber cooking a quick delicious vegan meal
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Connect TV Web Series Launches Crushing Black Stereotypes

Let’s Buy Black 365 Answers the Demand for quality African American Programming

January 15, 2018 – (Washington, DC)– Violent thugs, lazy criminals, ignorant gang bangers, underachievers, ratchet, and lazy hood rats --- these are the horrible images that creep into the homes of Black people year after year through a never-ending onslaught of print, visual and audio media and social media. Movies, music, television shows, news reports, video games, and even social media has played a defining role in the global perception of Black people. As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., many will use this day to reflect on the unwavering perseverance for Black self-determination.

The negative propaganda has left millions of Black people disenchanted with the mainstream media depictions. Millions are starved for quality programming featuring stories that reflect the amazing Black men, women, and children doing spectacular things every day. Stories of successful Black business owners, professionals, community leaders and everyday heroes rarely see the light of day. Fortunately, one group is stepping up to answer the demand for quality African American Programming. Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365 launched its all-new breakout series and is crushing Black stereotypes in the process.

Let’s Buy Black 365 is a Black economic empowerment movement made up of Black people from all walks of life gathered to make a positive impact on their community through cooperative economics. Members of the movement organized to form a production team called The Positive Black Media Project. The group is aimed at showcasing the positive impact. This all-new Black culture & lifestyle show features segments of the best in Black music, culture, education, revolutionary thought, food, health, activism, business, and entertainment. “We’re staking the claim that “Black media is Black power” and we are Blacking it out! Mondays 8:00 PM ET.” – Let’s Buy Black 365 website.

The show is hosted by two individuals who are both professionals and community activists. Nataki Kambon, is the spokesperson for Let’s Buy Black 365, and is a professional business management consultant. Her co-host, Taalib Saber, is a civil rights and defense attorney and community activist. “Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365 provides a fun, exciting, and trendy solution --- giving Black experts, business owners activists, entertainers, and leaders a platform to connect with the Black world.” – Nataki.

The show live-streamed its first pilot episode on January 8th with thousands of viewers tuned in. The episodes are a blend of host banter, interactive segments, and pre-recorded content. The pilot featured a vegan cooking demo segment, health discussion, and cameos by David Banner, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Dr. George C. Fraser, Dr. Obadele Kambon of, and award-winning hip-hop group Precise Science. It also featured musical performances by Bassist Reggie Payne and ended with a spoken word performance by the Kuumba Kids children’s group led by Iya Bashea.

The first season will continue to feature a variety of topics, guests, cameos by celebrity activists, and segments. The audience will just have to tune in to see who is up next! The production team is serious about staying true to their mission. Viewers who want to interact with Connect TV won’t find it on FB, Twitter, or Instagram. To ask questions, win prizes, or “connect” viewers must access the shows through Black media social networks and apps including the Connect social network app by Let’s Buy Black 365, and the Abibitumi chat app. “We can’t keep playing in other people’s sandbox. If we want self-determination and something better, we have to be in places made by us and for us that are made better with us.” – Nataki.

The regular season begins on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday with a special unconventional tribute to Dr. King. The show airs on Monday, January 15th at 8 PM Eastern Time. Past episodes and live episodes can be viewed through three Black media entities: on Black social network or Media.

Learn more about the Let’s Buy Black 365 movement and get involved by visiting the website They have   opportunities to “connect” with like-minded individuals from around the world, learn about Black-owned businesses, enter to win contests and giveaways, and learn how to become a guest or underwriter on Connect.

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