Freeway: Crack In The System Nominated for Emmy #EmmySoBlack

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The documentary ‘Freeway Crack in The System’ is up for an Emmy. The film is nominated for OUTSTANDING INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM: LONG FORM, built largely around telling the definitive story of the cocaine epidemic, War on Drugs , and resulting Contra Scandal. This overarching global plot is balanced with telling the internal struggles of the American black community, through showing how the rapper Rick Ross created an image around this unbelievable story.

The producers are listed as: Marc Levin, Antonio Moore, Guy Logan, Neil Harrington and Mike Marangu. With the current discussion of #blacklivesmatters and criminal justice the film is more timely now than ever. When coupled with the diversity in recently announced primetime emmy nominees is this the year of #Emmysoblack?

FREEWAY: CRACK IN THE SYSTEM tells the story of broken dreams, drug dealers, dirty cops, and government complicity-more compelling than fiction, it’s the real story behind America’s longest war.

In speaking to Huffington Post last year producers stated Danilo Blandon had this to say about the film finding him in Nicaragua for an interview.“Gary Webb tried to find me, Congresswoman Maxine Waters tried to find me, Oliver Stone tried to find me. You found me.”

At the center of it all is the rise, fall and redemption of Freeway Rick Ross, a street hustler who became the King of Crack, and journalist Gary Webb, who broke the story of the CIA’s complicity in the drug war.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Freeway Rick Ross, not to be confused with the rapper who took his name Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Webb, his source Coral Baca, and wife Susan Webb former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Roberto Juarez drug trafficker Julio Zavala and many more.

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