AFRICA'S ON SALE AGAIN. This Time By our Corrupt Pseudo-Elite leaders, on silver Platter

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I won't dwell lots on the history prior to the mid 19th century to take us to sleep. I will just start from the infamous 1884-1885 Berlin Conference that was summoned by Chancellor of Germany Otto Von Bismarck in which the so called super Nations of Europe gladly attended with a cardinal aim of sharing Africa among themselves and of course they did.

Same man Bismarck at some point had quashed and trashed the idea of acquiring colonies in Africa on grounds that colonies were expensive, strategic miscalculation and a foreign policy that would endanger a newly-created Germany that had been formed in 1871 after the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian war 1870-71. In his own words: "The map of Colonies of German is in Europe...Colonies are not worth the bones of a single German Soldier". Would anyone know why this notion all of a sudden came as a shock and awe and changed the colonial policy of Germany? Yes of course; the young Kaiser Wilhelm II was pushing for this as he had told the aging Chancellor: "Nothing shall take place in the world in which Germany shall not take part". And to emphasize this he went ahead and said in provoking the super colonial powers Britain whose economy was built of stolen booty from colonies: "German destiny lies on the sea".

The entrance of Germany of course was a game-changer. At Berlin, Africa was a wedding cake. Africa was laid on the table and shared among the greedy gluttons; blood thirsty leaders of Europe by a mere stroke of a pen carved up the cotinent disregarding Africans and African leaders, chiefs and Kings.

This same act --the carving out, looting, and plunder of Africa-- is being done again with the collaboration of the 21st century elite, the leaders in Africa. Someone will ask who bewitched Africa? We did; it's sad. In the early era, the selling of Africa was either by ignorance of the African leaders who had no idea of the intentions of the self branded visitors; or as a result of greed and cowardice. For example, Jaja of Opobo claimed, "He who makes powder must win the battle". So he couldn't mount resistance.  Warrior Abdel Kader of Algeria mounted serious resistance against the French in North Africa (Maghreb) but was defeated and that determined loss of the whole region to the French. Later, Italy, a loser in Ethiopia, grabbed Libya.

My own country, Uganda, we were sold off by the King (Kabaka) of Buganda at the time. He feared attacks from the strong Omukama Kabalega of Bunyoro. In simplicity, cowardice and love for money made him betray a whole nation. Today we are choking on wanting to correct the mistakes selfish leaders did.

What's sad is that Menelik II, Negus Negust --King of Kings as he was referred to in Amharic-- must be turning in his gave by recent developments in Africa. Menelik and Empress Taytu defeated Italy on March 1, 1896 at the Battle od Adwa, ensuring Ethiopian independence from Imperialism.

How can some African leaders today have use the African Union, which was created to bring the continent together, to sell out the continent? How can Israel be seconded by a country where the original Organization of African Unity was founded as an AU Observer? Israel on all grounds can't pass a human rights test given the racist attacks on African immigrants, condoned by the Netanyahu government.

Israel has proven it can't recognize the independence of a sister country, Palestine; moreover a country that was dissolved to create Israel in 1948.

If Israel can't respect Palestinians how can Israel come here with a noble heart and respect the dream for African unity? The visit of Netanyahu to the East African region was strategic to benefit the Israel foreign policy and continue to cage Africa under the invincible neocolonial hand.

The current wars in Africa are being cooked and perpetrated by the West in their bid to control the economic potentials of Africa.

The West historically demonized Africa as the "dark continent" while enslaving millions of Africans who were taken to build the wealth in the New World; later, resources were plundered and labor exploited during colonialism.

Today, the West continues to rob Africa's resources--draining minerals and exploiting land by displacing people, with collaboration of corrupt African rulers.

The writer is a Ugandan freelancer Mwalimu Tahakabar

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