Congo Soldiers Said to Plan Incident As Pre-text to transfer Katumbi, Challenger to Kabila

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Multiple Congolese and U.S. sources inform The Black Star News that Congolese security forces are planning to provoke an incident that could spark violence in Lubumbashi, the country's second largest city in order to give President Joseph Kabila to whisk Moise Katumbi to an in disclosed destination.

Katumbi has announced that he plans to run for president should the vast mineral-rich nation hold elections in November.

On Monday he was summoned to the prosecutor's office to answer accusations that he had hired foreign mercenaries; charges he's denied. He was accompanied by a huge crowd to the court house.

Katumbi's lawyer has told Voice of America that Congolese private security agents are reluctant to protect him so he hired U.S. Security consultants.
Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, Congo's justice minister said Katumbi recruited ex-U.S, soldiers as mercenaries.

The wealthy former governor of Katanga from 2007 - 2015, he was close to Kabila until his departure from the governing party accusing the president of trying to delay elections even though he's term limited.

Sources in the intelligence community inform The Black Star News that soldiers with knives plan to stab civilians outside the prosecutor's office and then use the ensuing melee to accuse Katumbi for being behind the violence and remove him from Lubumbashi where he is extremely popular. "The Congolese soldiers will definitely try to start something using knives, not guns in the beginning," said a source in the intelligence community.

Sister publication Burkinastyle was the first media outlet to report on Kabila's plans to arrest Katumbi.

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