Dr. King's Legacy: Pan-African Conference In Washington, D.C.

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The Revival of Panafricanism Forum (www.revivalofpanafricanism.org) is resuming its series of conferences for the year 2013.

We invite you to attend our first major conference of the year, on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Festival Center, 1640 Colombia Road, NW, Washington, DC, from 4-8 pm. The topic is “Dr. Martin Luther King's Legacy: a Panafricanist Perspective”.  Dr. Zizwe Poe from Lincoln University and Dr. Krista Johnson from Howard University are the speakers.

The purpose of this discussion is threefold: to highlight the significance of the world renowned civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King’s contribution to panafricanism, its relevance in the 21st century, particularly to the state of the relations between Africans and people of African descent, and the moral responsibility of African-Americans towards Africa.

This conference is organized in collaboration with All African People Revolutionary Party, Friends of the Congo, National Black United Front. Please help us promote the conference and plan to attend and bring friends and family.

Please register for this conference at this following link: http://mlkandpanafricanism.eventbrite.com .


Coordinator: Gnaka Lagoke


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