Exiled Officers Claim Falsely Accused Of Plotting To Depose Gen. Museveni, Uganda Dictator

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Gen. Museveni

General Yoweri K. Museveni has ordered widespread arrests of innocent Ugandan citizens, on mere suspicion of plotting with now exiled General David Sejusa to overthrow the murderous regime.

A clear example of how Museveni is using trumped up charges to sow fear and terror in the hearts of Ugandans is the unwarranted arrest and torture of a group of security service and Special Forces Group operatives, who are facing treason and other charges on account of supposed associations to Freedom and Unity Front (FUF) member, Gen. Sejusa.

The accused - Grace Nasasira, Geoffrey Karuhanga, Abel Twinamasiko, Frank Ninsiima, James Nayebare and Moses Nuwagaba are charged with treachery, abetting and aiding treason at the General Court Martial.

Gen. Sejusa’s aides, Lance Corporals Nasasira and Karuhanga, Abel Twinamasiko (army deserter), Frank Ninsiima (army deserter), James Nayebare and Moses Nuwagaba, are facing charges of treachery, abetting and aiding treason before the army court.

They reportedly recruited soldiers from the Special Forces Command, following Gen. Sejusa's (Tinyefuza's) instructions to topple President Museveni’s Government. Many of these members of service have now fled to an uncertain life in exile to escape imminent death at the hands of the regime.

One of the senior officers who has fled abroad is Captain Michael Kanyamunyu, who was in charge of the Special Investigations Bureau of the Special Forces Command (SFC).

Another military officer who fled into exile, is Lt. Jesse Doreen Nakato (RO/12008) a cadet pilot to Augusta Bell Squadron of Uganda Peoples Defense Forces Air Forces, was tortured.

Lt. Doreen, like her other military colleagues who are facing treason charges, and those who have ended up in exile say they are innocent victims of a ruthless and murderous regime.

They say they are as innocent as those thousands of Ugandan soldiers who have died or been injured in meaningless military expeditions in foreign countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and elsewhere.  

Before she fled abroad where she is seeking asylum in an unnamed country, Lt. Nakato was detained and tortured on allegations of supporting subversive activities within the UPDF, and in particular supporting a purported coup led by Gen. Sejusa.

Freedom and Unity Front views these charges and accusations as the brutalization of innocence, and cynical violations of the constitutional rights and freedoms of a country’s citizens.

Freedom and Unity Front condemns the brazen acts of a murderous and paranoid dictator, who is haunted by the fear of the unknown, and whose entire preoccupation is to forcefully stay in power, while illegally consolidating his stranglehold on the levers of power and selfishly entrenching an unwarranted family dictatorship over the whole country.

Below Is A Statement By LT Jesse Doreen Nakato:

RO/ 12008 (LT Jesse Doreen Nakato was detained by The Joint Anti-Terrorist Task Force in Kololo for 6 days).

"The fake reason for my arrest was that I was an associate of an army deserter Frank Ninsiima, who they claimed had been tasked by General David Sejusa to recruit us into a plot to overthrow the Museveni government.

In fact they told me that I was associating with rebels so, I was one of them and I would be  charged for treason and those guys who told me that they had first hand information from my work mates that I was a wannabe who never lived in the barracks and hoped for Kampala.

Being tortured was a part of the detention that automatically goes hand in hand. I have scars on me as evidence, beaten as in a man bouncing on you like he's fighting a real man not a woman, in fact one of them was burning me with cigarettes putting it off on me; when I talk about that hatred for them grows with me.

I was detained in a separate room and as I speak I didn't come in contact with any of the Franks up to day then their AWOL messages followed.....and then they call it a professionalized army with a very miserable salary and very many idle officers undeployed commissioned by the president to play domino all day from month to year and stealing fuel to feed their families oh what a military." 


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