Former Premier, Now Challenger, Calls On Ugandans to Protect Their Votes From Rigging

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Before rupture: Gen. Museveni, left eyes Mbabazi -- Hmmm, this man wants my job and my oil....

[Africa: Uganda Elections 2016]

John Patrick Amama Mbabazi this week while addressing mammoth crowds at Budaka taxi park, Eastern Uganda, appealed to his supporters to make history in the country’s politics by changing government through election, not by violent means as it has always been since independence.

Also while addressing a press conference in Mbale town in Eastern Uganda earlier he insisted that that should Gen. Yoweri Museveni rig the February 18 general election, he would call for the international community to intervene.

Amama Mbabazi made his remarks following Gen. Museveni's vows he will not leave power under any circumstances.

"Museveni will not rig this time. How will he rig? If he rigs, who will announce him? Should he rig the election, he might trigger a coup d’état as Ugandans are demanding for a regime change,” Mbabazi warned.

Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police on Monday January 11,castigated Human Rights Watch (HRW) for condemning the Uganda Police Forces, and the so-called "Crime Preventers" militia trained by the government.

The international human rights group blamed the "Crime Preventers" for violence in several parts of the country.

Human Rights Watch says the Uganda election is starting to looking like a do-or-die affair; an extreme act of a constitutional abuse and relegation of the law.

The Uganda Police arrested supporter for Amama Mbabazi when they were dancing from Kotdido district Eastern Uganda. His security aide Chris Aine was also reported arrested and his sister has since said a photograph of a corpse published in a local tabloid was of her brother.

Meanwhile, Norbert Mao, president of the Democratic Party has warned that the presidential election has already been rigged by Gen. Museveni's National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“We are well aware that the Uganda Electoral Commission boss Dr. Badru Kiggundu is in the making of rigging election," Mao said. "How can the person who stood in NRM Rubbaga South County as NRM flag-bearer chair Uganda Electoral Commission?" He was referring to the fact that in 1996 Kiggundu ran for a Parliamentary seat on the NRM ticket.

Mao also warned the European Unions Monitoring team that they should not come here to see how Museveni rig election, but they should participate in election by checking the violence.

“We are ready to defend our votes should Museveni try to rig, we shall fight back,” he said. 

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