Gen. Sejusa, Former Aide, Doubts Military Would Sustain Museveni Regime

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Dictator Museveni practising-- in case election doesn't go his way

General Sejusa, the Chairman of Free Uganda (FU) and National Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) knows the mind of Dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni better than most.

His former job as Head of Intelligence Services, and his military occupation as a top General and leading military strategist gave him a vantage position from which to observe Museveni at work, and here in his exclusive exposé given to Rabba Naga, the General points to the reasons why Museveni's grip on power is finally melting. Rabba Naga posted this item on his Facebook page on Tuesday 17 November.

My readers will recall in my previous post when I gave a glimpse in the thoughts of the general. We talked about many things and I promised to tell you more on what transpired in that historic meeting.

To remind you on one item which I thought was crazy is when he said president Museveni will ultimately bring the army into play as we enter what he calls the "ultimate decisive phase."  I did not know that before even a month passes, a senior government minister would come out openly and categorically warn the country about a possible coup. Incredible stuff.

In my interaction with Gen. Sejusa, he raised a few pertinent issues.

I remember him telling me that the Museveni he knows handles every challenge from a military perspective. He rarely leaves anything to chance. He told me about the principles of war which Museveni follows: Selection and maintenance of the aim; offensive action; surprise; maintenance of morale (did you see his latest cabinet appointments?); concentration of effort; economy of effort; co-operation; sustainability; and, flexibility.

He then told me that Gen. Museveni's major weakness currently is centered on mission command principles: Unity of effort; decentralization; trust; 
mutual understanding; timely and effective decision making.

Gen. Sejusa thinks Gen. Museveni’s operational machinery is in tatters; and this time around he is very weak.

That's because of the disintegration in the National Resistance Movement (NRM); there is no unity of effort, no trust, no mutual understanding, no timely and effective decision making.

For someone who depends on military prowess to manage politics, Museveni is in real danger and he knows it, according to Gen. Sejusa.

He wonders whether those confronting him know this.

Then he told me that because Museveni system is broken down, he can no longer master what the general called ‘Attacking Will’ i.e., by attacking the cohesion of his enemies, using the principles of Preempt, Dislocate, Disrupt.

To Gen. Sejusa those fighting Gen. Museveni must learn his game plan and organize accordingly.

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