Gen. Sejusa, Former Uganda Intelligence Big, Warns Of Imminent Arrest Of Opposition Leaders

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Ugandan dictator of 28 years Gen. Museveni feels the heat

By Henry D Gombya in London and Nkonge I Kaggwa in Kampala

A plot to arrest Uganda’s most known opposition figures on trumped-up charges of treason and using a fictitious terrorist threat against the opposition has today been revealed here in London by the former security chief now in exile.

Those on the list include, among others,  top opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye and the use of a terror threat to cause mayhem in Kampala during which many more opposition figures would be rounded up and detained while Kampala is closed down.

These revelations were made by Gen. David Sejjusa who leads the opposition Free Uganda while in exile in London. In a message he has sent to the Ugandan opposition, Gen. Sejjusa who knows all about government intelligence reports and who clearly still has informers within the Ugandan government who to tell him what is going on, said the plan to arrest Dr. Besigye and other opposition figures is part of a plan by the Museveni government to disrupt and possibly stop a three-day opposition National Consultation on Free and Fair Elections conference set to take place at Hotel Africana in Kampala from Monday 24 November 2014.

He said he had received information that the Museveni government was ‘frantically’ making efforts to try and disrupt this conference in order to stop it from taking place. He said:

“There are therefore three divided opinions in government. The first one is of the group that thinks that the conference should be permitted to proceed but with no participation from government so as to deny the conference any legitimacy and political capital.  They argue that the president and Speaker should ignore the invitations and government should wait for the outcome before it takes a position on the outcome.  This is led by two veteran movement leaders and a few lightweights in government. This is the weakest lobby and is considered naive at best or corroborative at most. I will not mention their names.

“The second group is that [of] pushing the line that government allows the conference to take place but infiltrate it with government activists who will come in legitimately from the regions as representatives.  This will be done through bribery and threats. They are also targeting some party leaders to help them advance [a] divisive agenda during the conference.  This group too discourages any direct participation by any government official. But they are willing to compromise on junior representation from government. The intention is to sabotage the process and neutralize any radical views that may be proposed.

“The third group is one bent on stopping the conference outright. They reason that allowing it to take place would be to give a platform to opposition groups and a head start in their 2016 efforts and would legitimize the subsequent leadership that may be chosen during the conference. They reason that it will refocus the opposition efforts and give them a unified national appeal. This is the line favored by the fringe lobby who control things in Uganda these days and it is therefore likely to carry the day."

In order to carry out their plan, Gen. Sejjusa said the government had set up three committees to come up with contingent plans to stop the opposition conference, to see how this should be done, when it should be done and how to manage the outcome. He then revealed: “We understand government has been looking at the possibility of arresting some key leaders, especially Dr. Besigye and a few other vocal ones on trumped up charges for treason immediately before the conference.”

He added that the Mugumya saga was "closely linked to this".

A former coordinator of intelligence services in the Ugandan military and a former presidential adviser, Gen. Sejjusa went on to reveal that before the opposition conference takes place, the Uganda police chief, Gen. Kalekyezi Kayihura is set in the next few days to use "the excuse of terrorism and cause mayhem for two days" a plan that would lead him to ask the conference organizers to postpone it.

Were this to fail, Gen Sejjusa goes on to say, that at the opening of the conference, Kayihura would "stage terror acts, cause general scare as the so called perpetrators are arrested and divert peoples' attention from the conference and cause mayhem".

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