IGAD-Plus Has Failed The People of South Sudan On Peace

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Opposition say Salva Kiir, backed by Ugandan dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni, wants to conduct a sham "National Dialogue" under his domination


The Intergovernmental Authority for Development's (IGAD) one-sided support for SPLM (Salva Kiir) has resulted in loss of faithby ordinary people in South Sudan. This means we must expect worse because every unhappy society must resolve to defend its interests at all cost against the regime and the region.

IGAD has failed to understand that, the  popular demand for total change is the genesis of the crisis. By siding with Salva Kiir IGAD-Plus stands against our peace and freedom, and therefore we must never expect IGAD to resolve the crisis in South Sudan. It has clearly failed to addressed matters of interest that will bring meaningful peace and stability in South Sudan. It is addressing the selfish desires of individual nations and some regional leaders whose ambitions is economic and political control of South Sudan. This is against the will and interest of South Sudanese.

Of course, the "National Dialogue" called for and controlled by President Salva Kiir is now supported by IGAD-Plus. It can help the Government cadres to reconcile themselves so as to continue to rule, but will not resolves our problems as nation, or even reconcile us as a nation. This is because all parties who are representing the will and interests of South Sudanese are no included in the Dialogue as pointed out in the United Nations Report of Panel of Experts to Security Council in April.

IGAD must acknowledge that people resort to armed struggle when doors are closed to peaceful political dialogue to restore the culture of democracy, good governance and rule of the law, and to fight corruption. IGAD- Plus by continuing to support the regime's projects of national dialogue that is not inclusive will help impose leaders of their choice on us as nation.

IGAD must be made to understand that we have obligations as South Sudanese to protest in defense of our will and interests by resisting this attempt to impose leaders. To achieve democracy and freedom remains the ultimate goal. Our struggle against the regime in Juba has its foundation on the respect for human rights, which has continuously, been violated, by the SPLM (Salva Kiir).

IGAD-Plus has failed us. It is time for us to search for our own peace as a nation.

General John Sunday Martin 

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