Intruder Apprehended At Residence Of Uganda Opposition Leader

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Olara Otunnu

Statement by Olara Otunnu president of the Uganda People's Congress (UPC) political opposition party and former U.N. Under Secretary General.

Today, 8 January, an intruder entered my residence, located at Buddo, in Wakiso district. The intruder is a male, probably 30 - 35 years of age.

The intruder was spotted as he was sneaking through the back compound, heading towards the main residential house. He was immediately confronted, overpowered and apprehended. He was detained on the compound, while the Police was being informed of the development.

When the Police arrived at the residence, the intruder was handed over to them.  The Police has promised to pursue the matter and to conduct full investigations.

We are grateful that none of the residents suffered any harm in the incident.

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