Mother-in-law Of Sejusa, The Exiled Ugandan General And Dictator Museveni's Opponent, Dies

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Exiled Ugandan Gen. David Sejusa



This is to inform you about the passing of our mother Joyce Kemitano. She died at 11.30pm on 30 June 2014.

She was 85.

Unfortunately, her daughter, my wife Juliet is unable to go and bid her farewell. Neither can I. How history is a cruel enforcer of fate.

My wife's father, Prince Patrick Ruhinda, a young Barrister from Cambridge University, was dragged from his chambers of Ruhinda, Mulira & Co Advocates on a Kampala road and murdered by Idi Amin and his body has never been found.

So his daughter, Juliet never buried him. Now she can’t bury her mother because of Mr. Museveni, a person, who was brought to power through the efforts and blood of her own brothers and uncles and her husband of course. What an irony life can be!

By God's grace, though, even this shall pass away. We shall triumph someday and regain our freedom.

We fully knew then as we do now that fighting for one's dignity and freedom requires one leaving that comfort zone - to be ready to pay that extra price. It is this willingness to sacrifice beyond self that defines the life of a freedom fighter. And it is that unique pivotal stand on which he places his destiny and that of his people that ultimately exults him/her.

We shall return home and our country will be free for all, once again. And we shall heal it to move away from its wounded past and usher in a new era where the roots of future instability will forever be reversed by letting our people shape their own destiny without manipulation and trickery.

From the beginning, I told Ugandans that I will be part of this liberation process and to that end I promised to return home. This is a promise I intend to keep. Freedom fighters always keep their word. The time of my coming will, however, be determined by FREEDOM AND UNITY FRONT and the necessities of the struggle and not the oppressor.

Just know that right always triumph against evil. It is just always a matter of time.

May the lord grant our mother the deserved rest and bless her soul.

We thank you all.

The struggle continues.

Gen Sejusa, Juliet and Family



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