Museveni's Politically And Morally Bankrupt Regime Gambles On Divide-And-Rule

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Gen. David Sejusa


Dear Compatriots   

I thank you all for the work you are doing in the liberation struggle of our country, Uganda.

I also know that we all understand the enormity of the responsibilities on our shoulders, individually and collectively.

The struggle for liberation is a huge undertaking which requires that we all be alert and aware of enemy actions. To this end, I have time and again warned all our members and to a large extent, all those in the opposition who are engaged in this struggle in one way or the other to be careful about enemy infiltration.

I have also advised on how to safeguard ourselves against such enemy attacks.

We should not be distracted by the negative campaign of the enemy, who is targeting our leadership in Freedom and Unity Front (FUF) using all sorts of methods and people you would not ordinarily suspect.

All these point to one basic fact; FUF is steadily gaining political space and galvanizing   our people's resolve to defeat that dictatorship. With each victory we gain, the enemy becomes weaker but also more desperate in his methods. Therefore we should not be surprised when he deploys raw and fascist methods to counter our success. 
This success can be measured in many ways:

First, the growth in the mass support for the revolutionary cause. And this goes beyond FUF, it includes the momentum gained by all other forces, overt and covert in the opposition both in and outside the country.

The second yardstick is the paralysis you see in the government of Yoweri Museveni. Our success as a matter of course comes at the expense of the enemy's own strength and has a toll as it leads to the collapse of the enemy's centre of control.

The third measure is the brute force the enemy now employs. When a government is strong, it uses soft power. It's only a weak regime that employs raw hard power! Use of Hard power on one's own population is a sign of weakness not strength.

Another yardstick is the increasing isolation of the regime in power. This is evident every passing day.

An additional point is the collapse of the formal state and collapse of the economy, the social services sector and increase in personalized rule, and so forth. These show that the opposition forces are gaining ground and momentum.

There are other variables I will discuss in my next Op-Ed article titled "Who Is Winning In Uganda?"

Therefore, as we gain momentum, even in  other several areas, the enemy is becoming more desperate and we need to be guided by long tested principles as we confront this new reality. 

In revolutionary warfare, there are four basic principles, tested and lived over the ages. From the great Chinese general Sun Tzu who lived in 544 BC to the Prussian strategist Carl Von Clausewitz to Mao Zedong, to modern warfare of our time. These are: Constant vigilance; Constant suspicion; Constant mobility; and, Don't assume anything.

For all those who want victory therefore, the above must guide them and work as their armor and compass.

How we handle ourselves and our operations will define not only the character of our organization but shall also impact on the road to success.

Be strong and resolute. History is on our side and the people are our anchor.




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