New Books By Dr. Rudasingwa Sees 'Democratic' Inclusive Rwanda, Beyond Kagame

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Dr.Theogene Rudasingwa

Two new books have been published June 8, 2014, authored by Dr.Theogene Rudasingwa, "Guérison d’une Nation: Un Témoignage" (a French translation of his earlier book, Healing A Nation: A Testimony) and "Urgent Call," both by Createspace, an Amazon company in the United States.

Guérison d’une Nation is a portrait of a family caught up in the larger, tumultuous, and often tragic story of Rwanda. Though the history of Rwanda as a nation spans centuries, this testimony casts a glance at the two violent revolutions (1959, 1990) and their catastrophic consequences that have affected every Rwandan and Rwanda's neighbors in the Great Lakes region of central Africa.

“Each revolution began with a promise, only to betray it. We repeatedly have become a nation of losers and winners, of perpetrators and victims, with individuals, families, communities and ethnic groups (Hutu and Tutsi) changing positions in a race beset with death and destruction”, Dr. Rudasingwa writes.

The book asserts that Rwanda is broken and hurting, and explores how to build a free, united, democratic, and prosperous Rwanda, at peace within and with her neighbors.

Urgent Call is a call to action for regime change in Rwanda so as to enable societal transformation, healing and peace. The author believes and warns that Rwanda has once again reached a tipping point, as in 1959 and 1990, with all indications of another civil war and more bloodshed.

The book is a collection of Dr.Rudasingwa’s writings and speeches since 2010 mainly on Rwanda, but occasionally touches on the African condition, the United States, and its policies in Africa. Its central message is that Rwandans must unite, mobilize and organize themselves so as to overcome President Paul Kagame’s  criminal and fascist regime.

Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa is a graduate from Makerere University Medical School, Uganda; and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts, United States.

He has previously served as the Secretary General of Rwanda’s ruling party, the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF); Ambassador of Rwanda to the United States; and Chief of Staff for President Paul Kagame. He is the Coordinator of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), an opposition political organization in exile, and the author of an upcoming book, Crime Scene Rwanda.


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