New York: Lone Demonstrator Wants UN Sanctions On Ukraine

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Olga Borynetz, a Ukrainian artist in front of UN. Photo: The Black Star News

[European Turmoil]

After the death of more than 26 people died this week in the ongoing uprising in Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych has announced a "truce" opposition leaders. The details remain unclear.

Negotiations are to start between the opposition and government according to a presidential statement.

Meanwhile here in New York City a lone demonstrator stood outside the United Nations headquarters on First Avenue and 43rd Street holding a sign asking for the UN to impose sanctions on Yanukovych's government.

"Right now they are killing people," Olga Borynetz, a Ukrainian American artist said. "The UN should impose sanctions just like it does on other countries where there is killings."

Asked why she was the lone protestor she said: "Sometimes it begins with one."

She pointed to the thousands of her compatriots back in Ukraine.



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