One Small Step For Bobi Wine, One Giant Step for Uganda --A Leader Travels to U.S. for Treatment

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Bobi Wine departs Uganda on crutches for U.S. treatment

[Speaking Truth To Power]

Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a Bobi Wine has finally left Uganda for treatment for the injuries sustained after being beaten, arrested and tortured under orders from the vicious U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

The military dictator, responding to global condemnation authorized his armed forces to let Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake, another MP who was also tortured and had been on life support to depart the country for treatment.

Yesterday had ordered both Bobi Wine and Zaake arrested at Entebbe airport as they tried to depart. Bobi Wine reportedly sustained injury to his kidney and spine from the torture and is confined to a wheelchair. Zaake is bed-bound and had previously been on life support. Bobi Wine was reportedly again beaten while in an ambulance at Entebbe Airport.

Ugandans were outraged by the airport arrests and many responded to an appeal by The Black Star News to call The White House and Senator Bob Corker, Chair of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and demand that the U.S. cut off weapons and funding to Museveni. Thousands of Ugandans also demonstrated in the streets of Kampala after the airport outrage.

The dictator gets $1 billion in arms and financial support from the U.S.; just as Pan-Africans once pressured the U.S. to cut off backing of the odious apartheid regime in South Africa there is now an effort to get Washington to isolate Museveni.

So many Ugandans and supporters dialed Senator Corker's number to call for an end of U.S. support for Museveni that by Friday morning the line was out of service.

At this time Ugandans should no longer call Senator Corker's number.

Gen. Museveni unleashed a terror campaign on August 13 when he realized his candidate was about to lose a Parliamentary seat in a by-election to an opposition candidate Kasiano Wadri, supported by Bobi Wine, Zaake and others.

The others also arrested and brutalized were Members of Parliament Gerald Karuhanga, Paul Mwiru and Wadri himself, who won the seat while imprisoned. Also brutalized was former Member of Parliament Michael Mabikke.

Museveni had previously shown his disdain for Parliament when his secret police, dressed in suits, invaded Parliament in September 2017 and beat up MPs who opposed his bid to amend the constitution so he can run again in 2021. Betty Nambooze was so severely beaten that she's now crippled.

Ugandans must sustain the current campaign to end dictatorship.

Please continue to call The White House 202 456 1414 and demand an end to U.S. support to Museveni, without which he would not be able to sustain his tyranny of 32 years.

Also sign Petition for the ICC to indict Museveni.

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