Please Sign Petition Demanding U.S. Arms Embargo On Ugandan Dictator Gen. Museveni

Milton Allimadi
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The author speaks at a protest outside the White House denouncing the U.S. support for dictator Museveni.

[The Way I See It]

Greetings sisters and brothers, friends, comrades, fellow Pan Africans. My name is Milton Allimadi. I publish Black Star News here in New York City. You can find it on I’m also adjunct professor of African history at John Jay College which is part of the City University of New York system. 

Today I send this message and appeal to my Ugandan sisters and brothers. As you know, general Yoweri Museveni whose been in power for 35 years is in the process of trying to steal another election in Uganda. He was defeated January 14 by the candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a. Bobi Wine. 

Since then, Museveni has unleashed total terror upon Uganda. People are being abducted. People are being murdered. People are being tortured. Bodies are found abandoned. Some people are abandoned with severe wounds and injuries from their torture. Families are missing hundreds of loved ones. 

Ugandans we cannot allow this to continue. We must stop Museveni. We must end this regime of terror in Uganda once and for all. We must allow the legitimately elected government in Uganda to take office. We must create a peaceful Uganda where everybody is protected by the armed forces and not tortured and killed by the armed forces whose salaries come from taxpayers’ money. 

Now sisters and brothers, Museveni cannot enforce this regime of tyranny by himself. First of all he cannot even manufacture a needle let alone guns. The guns that are used to kill Ugandans come from overseas, including from the United States, from Britain, and EU countries. So that is why I created a petition appealing to the international community, number one, not to recognize the stolen election in Uganda. Number two, to immediately place an arms embargo, no more weapons from the West to Uganda to kill innocent Ugandans. This must stop. I also call upon them to place sanctions on individuals involved in the killings of Ugandans, including general Museveni himself.

I would like you to sign this petition. Every time you sign this petition a signature goes directly to the White House, in the United States because one of the people who is addressed in the petition is the president of the United States. And then I also address the U.K. leadership, and the E.U. leadership. I encourage Ugandans in whichever country you are now located to take similar action. Urge the governments in the country where you live to stop sending weapons of terror to dictator Yoweri Museveni. 

Please go and sign this petition. The petition now has 6,673 signatures as of March 23rd. I want this number to reach 10,000 and then even 20,000 and I will deliver these petitions together with other sisters and brothers in diaspora, Ugandans, we will go to Washington, to the White House. 

Now President Biden said something interesting today at a press conference. He said democracy will prevail over autocracy. We want him to keep his words. We want action not just words. And part of getting him to take action is to show him that thousands of Ugandans care about this issue. 

No U.S. weapons to Museveni. No U.S. dollars to Museveni. Museveni now gets more than $1 billion in financial and military support from the United States. That must stop. That must stop. We can begin to make that stop by signing the petition.

So please sign the petition and then share the link to al least 10 of your friends so we can get to that 20,000 signatures.