Rwanda: Dr. Léopold Munyakazi to be deported Friday, 11.13.2015

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11.16.2015 UPDATE:  Dr. Munyakazi's deportation has been suspended until the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals can review his case. 

11.13.2015 UPDATE:  This morning Dr. Munyakazi's close friend Nicole Lee Wills reports that he may not be deported until next week, but that his phone, text, and e-mail accounts have all been disabled and his wife and attorney were told to bring a 40 lb. bag to the ICE location where he is detained by 4 pm Eastern today.

I'm sad to report that Dr. Léopold Munyakazi will be deported to Rwanda today, 11.13.2015. What a disgrace for the USA and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. This gentle French professor is being deported to prison, probably torture and/or extrajudicial execution, because he dared to describe the Hutu/Tutsi labels in Rwanda as a class distinction, not an ethnic distinction, in several talks on college campuses. This undermines the Rwandan government's rationale for its totalitarian rule, and the US/Western rationale for so-called humanitarian interventions "to stop the next Rwanda."

There is no UN convention on class war. There is a UN Convention on Genocide, and it makes genocide an international crime with no statute of limitations. If the Rwandan massacres of the 1990s were understood as class war rather than genocide, then there would be no legal argument for extraditing Rwandan refugees.

Dr. Munyakazi's case has been described here in the Black Star News, and in the San Francisco Bay View, the Black Agenda Report and Global Research

The historical viewpoint which has led to his deportation is described here in a University of Delaware archive

I received this note from Dr. Munyakazi's close friend Nicole Lee Wills earlier today: "Terrible news. I just found out that Leopold's being deported tomorrow. He begged to call one of our friends, because his accounts, including phone, were deactivated. ICE told them he is being move to an undisclosed location. I contacted Ofelia [Dr. Munyakazi's attorney, Ofelia Calderón] and she said an officer had called and told her that he is being deported tomorrow and that his wife could have a 40 lb. bag to him by 4 pm."


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