Sam Kutesa Is Unfit For UN GA Presidency -- Uganda Anti-Corruption Group Head Says

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Uganda foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa


Uganda nominated the foreign affairs minister Mr. Sam Kutesa as its candidate for the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly.

This comes at a time when  Africa is due to hold the presidency of the sixty-ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly. The African Union (AU) Executive Council unanimously chose him too after the withdrawal of Cameroonian Foreign Minister Pierre Moukoko.

Apparently the United Nations' General Assembly does not inquire into personal records of its presidential candidates once given a nod by the region or continent whose turn it is to occupy the office before the assembly endorses the person.

I find this hypocritical and weak.

Assuming the person was a terrorist, as opposed to being someone opposed to LGBT rights would the General Assembly have the same hands-off rules? Of course not.

This to a larger extent portrays the General Assembly as an organ that promotes and supports negative personal records of its presidents in total disregard to actions committed in their homelands. 

The African Union’s endorsement of Sam Kutesa in total disregard to his home record also portrays the AU as being in cahoots with leaders that have been tainted or faulted in corruption related scandals; this is a set-back for the AU considering the fact that it is now reviewing its Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption to make graft a crime against humanity.

The name Sam Kutesa has been tainted with scandal after scandal and his nomination to represent Uganda at the General Assembly is a shame. It not only demonstrates unwillingness of our leaders to fight corruption but the fact that they thrive, breath and survive on corruption.

Uganda is not short of credible decent men and women that can represent the country at the General Assembly but also conduct themselves as role models to the next generation.

As Aristotle summed it: "Good has two meanings -- it means that which is good absolutely and that which is good for somebody. ”

Kutesa would not be a good UN General Assembly President for most Ugandans: so who is he good for?


Ms. Cissy Kagaba is Executive Director, Anti Corruption Coalition, Uganda 

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