Sejusa, Ugandan General And Ex-Museveni Aide Wants Him To Resign or Face Revolt

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Gen. Museveni, in power for 28 years and seeking to rig another vote in 2016


Gen. David Sejusa, the ex-Museveni aide now exiled to London and leading a group called Free Uganda in a statement released by Free Uganda's press Secretary calls on Gen. Museveni, Uganda's ruler for the last 28 years to step down or face a revolt.

"Free Uganda has severally warned Mr. Yoweri Museveni that if he will not go voluntarily from power, then he will have to be forced out by the people of Uganda. After nearly 3 decades of Museveni misrule, the masses are tired and will not allow him to continue imposing himself against the will of the people.

And now the people are organizing themselves across the country, setting up fighting forces and unified anti-regime political actions with the aim of denying Mr. Museveni any chance of reaching 2016 as president of Uganda. Were Museveni to be allowed to conduct the 2016 poll, the master electoral rigger would, no doubt, rig his way in the sham elections, and thereafter implement the widely detested political monarchy project which is now clear for all to see.

It is for the purposes of preventing Museveni from succeeding in his ill-intentioned vision of transforming Uganda into a failed state that patriotic Ugandans are now operationalizing various forms of anti-regime activism. Numerous groups are organizing across the country, and until now, Mr.  Museveni and his fanatical looters  have been deliberately desisting from telling the truth about the growing anti-regime insurgency.

The regime has been quick to refer to attacks like those which happened in the Rwenzoris and in other areas like Mubende, Kabamba, etc., as 'bandit action,' 'inter-tribal' and 'inter-ethnic' feuding, etc.

Free Uganda has warned of the coming serious anti-Museveni revolt across Uganda, if Mr. Museveni continues to deny Ugandans their constitutional rights. All opposition forces in the country have clearly outlined the demands that must be fulfilled in order for the regime to avoid an all-out people revolt.

Free Uganda has also invited all Ugandans to participate in the on-going national debate about the means with which to achieve liberation. Free Uganda believes that given Mr. Museveni’s intransigence and inflexibility, the country must prepare to force him out of power, as there is little chance of him acceding to the demands for peaceful transfer of power and establishment of a new democratic nation, away from the decades long one-man rule and undemocratic governance.

The way forward, therefore is for Ugandans to mobilize all patriotic forces and build the necessary capacity to overthrow the repressive and corrupt regime using all means necessary. The mushrooming of various political and quasi political organizations is proof of the determination by all concerned citizens to force Mr. Museveni to do the right thing now or be forced out of power by people power."




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