Ten Reasons Why U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Museveni Must Resign

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The Ugandan dictator Gen. Museveni.

[Speaking Truth To Power]

Here are 10 top reasons why the dictator of 32 years, Gen. Yoweri Museveni must resign so Ugandans can set up a Transitional Government of National Unity with representatives from all the major political parties (FDC, DP, UPC, NRM), the People's Power Movement, and religious and civil society leaders to lead the country into the 2021 Elections.

1. Dictator Museveni is not Uganda's legitimate President having stolen the 2016 election from Dr. Kizza Besigye, the 2011 election, and previous ones. International election observers from the EU and the U.S. concluded the 2016 vote was not free and fair or credible.

2. Dictator Museveni has no moral authority to govern after the whole world saw his naked brutality with the August 13, Arua Atrocities by his Special Forces Command (SFC) which reports to his son Gen. Muhoozi Kaenerugaba, including the attacks on, and torture of MPs Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake, Gerald Karuhanga, Paul Mwiru, Kasiano Wadri (elected MP August 15) and former MP Michael Mabikke, and dozens of their supporters; Bobi Wine's family friend and driver Yasin Kawuma was murdered.

Gen. Museveni presides over a regime whose finger prints are allover assassinations of prominent Ugandans that have never been solved dating back to the 1987 killing of Dr. Andrew Kayiira. Other victims are: Muhammad Kirumira; Ibrahim Abiriga; Andrew Kweesi; Cerinah Nebanda; Nyakairima Aronda; Noble Mayombo; James Kazini; Francis Ayume; and many others.

Gen. Museveni confined two million people in the northern part of Uganda in concentration camps between 1986 - 2006 causing the deaths of possibly one million people as shown in the documentary "A Brilliant Genocide." He has conducted several massacres including: Kasese; Buganda/Kayunga; Mukura; and others.

Museveni's invasions of Rwanda, Congo, and South Sudan caused the deaths of a combined millions of Africans. In 2005 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) awarded Congo $10 billion in reparations, not yet paid, for war crimes by Museveni's military. A post-Kabila regime in Congo will seek to enforce the judgment, bankrupting Uganda.


The ICC also launched an investigation into the war crimes, as reported in The Wall Street Journal on June 8, 2006; for the time being those investigations are blocked.


3. Gen. Museveni has destroyed the process of democratization and derailed the rule of law in Uganda by abrogating the constitution of Uganda. He first forced the removal of Presidential term limits from the constitution in 2005 then in 2017 forced the removal of the age-75 limit for presidential candidates illegally (since he bribed Members of Parliament and the outcome of a vote through bribe cannot be legal technically the age limit still exists).

Museveni also sent his SFC agents to beat Members of Parliament who resisted; as a result MP Betty Nambooze sustained serious injuries and is now semi-paralyzed. A post-Museveni government must restore both the term limit and age limit.

4. Dictator Museveni will cause continued deterioration of Uganda's economy as the EU and U.S. Senators and Members of the House of Representatives have condemned his regime for the atrocities committed in Arua and throughout the country. The EU declared in a statement that from now on financial development assistance to Uganda will depend on: the rule of law and democracy; respect for human rights; respect for freedom of expression and the media; and, respect for freedom of assembly.

5. Dictator Museveni has failed to deliver on economic development and as a result youth unemployment is 85% in a country where more than 75% of the population is under the age of 35. There is no justification for such a failed ruler to remain in power.

6. Dictator Museveni and his close family members, including Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa, are the most corrupt rulers Uganda have ever witnessed. Both are implicated in an ongoing case in United States Federal court where they are named as having accepted bribes from a Hong Kong businessman on behalf of Chinese business interests. As a result Kutesa now fears traveling to the U.S. and did not show up for the United Nations General Assembly in September, 2018.

Kutesa also stole $30 million from the United Nations through a fraudulent contract when he did not reveal during the bidding process that he was the owner of Entebbe Handling Services. The U.S. contributes nearly 35% of the U.N.'s budget and the U.S. may force Kutesa to return the stolen money.

Gen. Museveni and his officials have stolen foreign aid money: funds sent to help South Sudanese in Uganda --people who fled their country after Museveni's army invaded in December 2013-- has been embezzled; and, funds dedicated to healthcare services, including for combating HIV/Aids, malaria and tuberculosis, have been embezzled. The Daily Monitor, the nation's leading independent newspaper published an expose about dead bodies being left on hospital beds for several days because of understaffing; this is abominable.

Meanwhile, even as Ugandans died due to lack of medicines in the hospitals, Gen. Museveni flies around the world in a $55 million Gulfstream jet stolen from foreign aid money as reported in U.K. media.

7. Dictator Museveni has taken no action because he is a part of Kutesa's corrupt enterprises. As a result of the embezzlement, thefts and human rights abuses, the United Nations will be relocating its major East and Central African operations from Entebbe to Nairobi, Kenya. This will result in the loss of hundreds of jobs and several millions of dollars in related U.N. operations. Entebbe will remain with only a downgraded operation.

8. Dictator Museveni has engineered domestic turmoil by promoting land grabs throughout Uganda in order to seize land for himself, his family members, the military political elite, and foreign investors. The latest hotspot, where inter-ethnic violence is being fueled by the regime in order to depopulate and seize the land, is in Apaa in the northern part of Uganda. The pattern of displacement has occurred in the Western part of the country, and in Buganda, and elsewhere allover the country.

9. Dictator Museveni is holding back Uganda's development relative to the country's neighbors Kenya and Tanzania. Both Kenya and Tanzania have presidential term limits.

These countries do not want full East African cooperation as long as Uganda is ruled by a dictatorial Life President. As a result, Uganda's economy now lags badly behind Kenya's and Tanzania's.

10. In 1986 when Gen. Museveni seized power he condemned African leaders for destroying their countries by staying too long in power. Gen. Museveni must follow the criticism made be Gen. Museveni himself and relinquish power.

Sign the Petition demanding for Museveni's resignation.


Note: In addition to signing and sharing the Petition please also sign the earlier ones calling on the Trump administration to cut off military assistance Dictator Museveni's regime


A second Petition calls on the ICC to indict
Gen. Museveni.


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