The Diminished Yoweri Museveni: The General In His Labyrinth

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Gen. Museveni. One lie after another. Photo--Facebook


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Make no mistake M7 (Gen. Yoweri Museveni) is feeling beleaguered, forget the brave face.

Economy has collapsed so he can’t finance his many wars (political & real); political consensus in the country is destroyed, and he now relies on brute military might like the late President Milton Obote in 1966.

The M7 democratic experimentation is over now because the military is overtly in charge. This is not by choice but forced on him by people's resistance, overt and covert, and he knows reliance on repression by military force is not sustainable in these poor countries.

Soon, they implode as he gets very old and new forces emerge in the region and interests shift --note he has been unable to attain victory in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Even Rwanda is unfinished business. Thus, his regional clout is waning and international capitals will find him expendable.

Because he has been the key collaborator of imperialism, he replaced the late Mobutu --dictator of Congo, which he had renamed Zaire-- in that sense. Forget the posturing as Pan-African, his policies and actions are reactionary. See his military actions in South Sudan, DRC; even the Somalia experiment has collapsed. Ethiopia alone, with its intervention in Somalia had achieved more in one year.

In Somalia, more than 10 years of Amisom, the African intervention force, without much progress. Hence, Museveni’s political demise is inevitable. His overspending state resources in unproductive sectors like teargas, military overstretch, etc., means irreversible decline, consequently diminishing Museveni’s "power image" which he exploited well.

Hence, we are dealing with a weakened Museveni, who will become more brutal than ever before; who will increasingly rely on military force than political processes, and whose grip on power will be progressively undermined by those he desperately relies on.

As advanced age catches on, we shall come face to face with a freely drifting state.

So, leaders need to forge a strategic partnership between the people and the defense forces. Museveni would do this country the only favor left now; keep Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF) out of his political crimes.

Gen. David Sejusa, Chairman
Free Uganda

The original version was published on General Sejusa'’s Twitter Account

Decorated UPDF Gen. Sejusa was Coordinator of Intelligence Services
 @sejudav Jan. 4, 2018


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