This is why Mass killer Museveni Can host anti-genocide conference

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With respect to the commentary "Museveni is a Mass Killer and Shouldn't Host anti-genocide conference"--between Mr. Museveni and Mr. Kagame many millions have lost their lives due to the open looting of resources from the Congo.

In addition many hundreds of thousands lost their lives in concentration camps in the Acholi area in Uganda over a period of 20 years.

So how does Museveni qualify to host an anti-genocide conference? Unlike Idi Amin, the second most demonized killer in the 20th century after Hitler, Mr. Museveni is a champion for international capitalists seeking vital resources; the millions of Africans who perish are mere externalities similar to pollution from a factory.

When you have the support of the United States and U.K. governments together with the Anglo-American world press --and you're paid $3,000 per head by Israel to accept African refugees illegally deported-- anything is possible and everything is justified.

In fact both Museveni and Kagame should be prisoeners of the ICC. But as we know the morally bankrupt court only adjudicates alleged crimes by leaders inconvenient to the status quo such as Sudan's Omar Bashir. In addition, Liberia's former president Charles Taylor was prosecuted by a Special court.

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