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Dear Sir,

My name is John Muto-Ono p’Lajur (67), a former Bureau Chief of the Monitor Publications Limited (1993-2004). I am now a blogger (, and contribute to Black Star News (

In March 2020, I told my colleague at NUMEC from Omoro district, Mr. Livingstone Okumu-Langol Lumute, to go with me to Kampala and meet you in person from your office in Parliament after trying in vain to meet you from home. We bounced and the lockdown nearly caught us in Kampala. I came back disappointed.

I was at St. Monica during your tour for the CEC seat, which I was extremely glad that you finally joined the historical members in portioning the national cake and make critical decisions for our beloved country. My interest in going to St. Monica was that it would be easier to say a word in your ears. I left at seven in the evening and came back home since I could not get an opportunity to shake your hands. The following day at dawn, I was at Bomah Hotel expecting to meet you before breakfast time. When I called your Personal Assistant, Ms. Brenda, she said you were already in West Nile.

We are friends on Facebook, but my disappointment with you in this forum is that communications are always one way, especially through private messaging which does not go in the public domain, you don’t give feedbacks, comments nor acknowledgments.

The last word of Saint Janani Luwum is quoted as telling his bishops that; “I am not afraid. In all this, I see the hand of God”.

I am not disappointed in all these attempts to meet you because ‘in all this. I see the hands of God’. It was by Devine Providence that Brenda responded to my phone message by unveiling me her email contact after I had posted on my Facebook account about conceiving a plan to give birth to a new website; ‘Universal Christian Union’ purely to unleash the vision of our Saint Janani Luwum of bringing the Church under one umbrella.

I was not surprised by the election results from Gulu and Kitgum district that electoral colleges did not vote for you because in Singh Katongole’s own words; “you are not socializing with the down trodden and outcasts, the gentiles’ of this world like me. Let the Bible story of the rich man and poor Lurzarus and the history of Got Abayo teach you. “The lapper who was thirsty and wanted water from the well from the girls was an angel sent by God save you”.

During a call-in program on Mega FM’s Te-yat show on Saturday, August 22, 2020, those who voted against you from Gulu told listeners that they will not apologize to you for having voted against their very son, but they requested you to humble yourself and come, bow to them as you apologize to them instead.       

Way forward and my free counsel to you are:

1.       Let God be the central pillar and star to propel your journey as the Almighty guides your path with outmost humility, honesty like Joseph who became Prime Minister in Egypt from a life in prison. Don’t show ambitions like you tried to fight Kadaga to be the Speaker in the tenth parliament.

2.       I refer you to the bible in Genesis chapter 26 in which God refused Isaac to leave a land which was a desert and famine had struck the land but that he should sow seeds there. Verse 12 reads; “Isaac sowed seed in that land, and that year he harvested a hundred times as much as he had sown, because the Lord blessed him”.

3.       Aspire and become a national leader not limited to NRM ideals and visions only. Be all inclusive, reconciliatory and generous. Strengthen mobilization of the masses across political divide towards hard work to increase production, reduce wasteful consumptions. Poverty has no boundary.

4.       You and Lord Chief Justice Owiny Dollo are the Biblical Moses and Aron whom God sent to our Palace to ‘liberate your people out of abject poverty, marginalization and loss of sense of direction of life, called anyanya, barbaric and grasshoppers to be assigned inside bottles to bite themselves until the last man’. Please be a new mirror with which ‘the power that be’ may use to have another lance at our unending forty year long capitulation (1986-2026). “The Word of God is alive and active, shaper than any double-edged sword. It cuts all the way through, to where soul and spirit meet, to where joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of the heart”-Hebrew. 4:12.

Let me pray to the Almighty Lord to touch your heat with this piece of advice.


John Muto-Ono p’Lajur,

Solution journalism; Gulu-Uganda.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020.   


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