Uganda Dictator's Latest Betrayal: Ditches Prime Minister

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General Museveni with Mbabazi, before chopping his head--politically speaking

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s recent statements proved that he continues to be completely out of touch with his people and the rest of his nation.

President Yoweri Museveni, who has been the absolute ruler for 28 years, stated recently that he doesn’t “need power.”

This comes from a 70-year-old, who has overstayed his visit in office through intimidation and voter fraud and has already been designated by acolytes as the ruling National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) sole candidate for presidential elections due in 2016.

Anyone who is familiar with Museveni’s barbaric and corrupt behaviors, knows that the longtime ruler is addicted to power and will step on anyone to remain as President.

His list of betrayals extends over several decades.

During his long and ruthless reign, President Museveni has continued to dismiss any government official who has posed as a threat to his plans for perpetual rule. In September,   Museveni dismissed the country’s prime minister, Amama Mbabazi, a former ally who has emerged as a potential challenger.

In 2005  Museveni, he had his longtime political opponent (once an ally and personal physician) Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested and charged with treason, concealment of treason and rape. The arrest led to demonstrations and riots in Kampala from protesters who believed the charges were designed to stop Besigye from challenging the president in 2006 elections.

It is not a surprise that the president’s former general, David Sejusa had accused him of playing roles in the deaths of a former minister Dr. Andrew Kayira in the late 1980’s and more recently of Major General James Kazini, a former military chief of staff of the Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces.

In addition to the political corruption, Museveni has signed the  Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2014 that imposes life-sentences for members of the LGBT community (although annulled on a technicality by the court legislators from Museveni's ruling party are re-introducing the bill) that made Uganda a pariah throughout the world. He presides over a quasi-military government and has failed to invest money in healthcare, allowing the country to be ranked second only to South Africa among the African countries and among the 15 countries across the world with the highest HIV prevalence rates.             

The 2014 Transparency International graft index ranks Uganda the second most corrupt country in East Africa. Politicians, judges and the police are perceived to be the most corrupt; and Museveni is the cause.

While he claims Ugandans "need" him, what they crave for is for him to step down.

Ugandans need to feel the warm breezes of freedom.

Uganda under the present regime is perilously on the road to a rogue, pariah, and, ultimately, failed state status.

If the current regime continues its history of recalcitrance to dialogue on bringing about change on how Uganda is managed, and more importantly, if the election in 2016 are unfair and manipulated as in the past, Uganda could easily fall off and over the political cliff.

The clock is ticking and the fuse is getting shorter and shorter. Everything could blow up if Museveni and his regime continue to push the “No change” agenda and, most importantly, if the regime doesn't playing fair heading into the 2016 elections.


Dr. Athanasios Magimbi is President

Uganda Democratic Federation 

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