Uganda: FUF Carries Liberation Torch For Late Lt. Col John Charles Ogole

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The late Lt. Col. Ogole


I write on behalf of CDC to state our commitment to Freedom and Unity Front (FUF) and to the core principles it stands for.

In spite of what the late Lt. Col John Charles Ogole suffered in the hands of his foes; and to demonstrate that as Ugandans, we can transcend our sad history and work with all, as Chairman of CDC he took the courageous steps  to make the partnership agreement with General David Sejusa.

By this move, Col Ogole demonstrated his commitment to set aside political differences in order to build a peaceful country in which we can all work together for the development of Uganda.

Today, that commitment that Col Ogole, leader of CDC made to FUF is still solid.  I should remind all that FUF was not made of only CDC and Free Uganda (FU). FUF consisted of CDC, FU and other independent Ugandans who accepted at that time to form an inclusive political organisation to wage the struggle for the liberation of our beloved people and country.

As senior member of CDC, I would like to state that a lot has gone under the bridge. Because we believe in transparency, accountability and consultation between members, at an appropriate time, we will be willing to provide documentary evidence to show what transpired in CDC’s dealings with FU. All members of CDC and Ugandans at large should know that we have nothing to hide.

We remain committed to, and grateful for, the leadership of FUF Chairman Amii Omara–Otunnu who has shown extraordinary patience, political skills, a big heart, and mental fortitude to hold the organisation together and inspire people of different backgrounds and affiliations to join.

By the grace of God, under his able leadership we will march home and achieve the liberation of our beloved people and country. I know for a fact that the partnership with FADDU is going on, and discussions with other organisations in the Diaspora are making progress.

In our culture, we honour the dead. We believe that Col. John Ogole’s legacy and unwavering commitment to serve his country selflessly will live on in the vision, mission and principles of  compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, inclusiveness, co-existence, reciprocal respect, equality of treatment, social justice, economic empowerment, political emancipation and unity of the country articulated by FUF.

The sacrifices of our comrade and commander, Col. John Charles Ogole, shall not be in vain. Because John’s torch is now carried high by FUF.


Maj. Walter Odoch

Senior member CDC



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