Uganda General's Sudden Death Leaves Odor Of Skepticism

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Gen. Aronda--dead

[Uganda: Analysis]

Last weekend's sudden death of Internal Affairs Minister, General Joseph Aronda Nyakairima, on a flight from South Korea en route to Dubai then Uganda, aroused memories of many unsolved murders for the last 30-years of Gen. Yoweri Museveni'’s rule.

Some prominent government officials and Museveni's political opponents have mysteriously been murdered. Reports of such murders investigations commissioned by the state have remained top secret from the public. It's questionable whether any authentic investigation occurred in any of the cases. If they were as a result of foul play then Gen. Museveni appears to have mastered the art of silencing his political opponents.

Many prominent officials carry their own food and drinks for fear of poisoning in the Uganda Gen. Museveni has created.

The art of scaring opponents from turning into political challengers started way back in 1979, when it's alleged Gen. Museveni ordered the massacre of Muslims in Mbarara after his western Axis group captured the city during the Tanzanian-backed war to depose Idi Amini.

Other unexplained killings are of a former colleague Mwesigwa Black, and then Dr. Andrew Lutakome Kayiira just after Gen. Museveni captured power in 1987.

Early March 1987, Museveni, reportedly expressed displeasure publicly about the High Court’s decision to release the former Energy Minister, Dr. Kayiira from detention. The High Court had acquitted Dr. Kayiira earlier on treason charges for lack of evidence.

Dr. Kayiira had contributed substantial numbers of rebel fighters that helped defeat Dr. Apollo Milton Obote’s army. For decades Ugandans have openly spoken of Gen. Museveni likely the cause of his demise. He was killed by gunmen who were never apprehended who raided the home of his good friend publisher Henry Gombya of The London Evening Post.

When the public demanded an investigation into the murder of Dr. Kayiira, Gen. Museveni invited the UK’s investigating agency, Scotland Yard to carry out the murder investigation.

More than 27 years after the murder of Dr. Kayiira, the outcome of the investigation has never established the perpetrators and no one has been held accountable.

Dr. Kayiira had demanded that Museveni come clean regarding the political parties in Uganda. Gen. Museveni went on to dominate Uganda's politics, first under a one-party system for over a decade and for the last 20 years by rigging elections.

Others who have met questionable deaths: the former Ministry of Defense Permanent Secretary, Brig. Noble Mayombo in 2007, and former army chief of staff Gen. James Kazini, in 2009, who was brutally bludgeoned allegedly by his female lover the regime claimed; and, in 2004 former Attorney General and Speaker of Parliament, Francis Ayume who opposed Gen. Museveni's campaign to abolish presidential term limits which he did. Ayume died in a mysterious car crash which many compared to the way Amin killed Arhbishop Janaan Luwum in 1977 and other opponents.

In December 2014, it was the fiery and fearless 24-years old member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda who challenged Gen. Museveni publicly on corruption allegations. She also died a mysterious death; the regime claimed it was through drug abuse. Members of Parliament who wanted to take tissue samples from her body for independent pathology tests abroad were arrested by the regime.

Now Gen. Aronda dies on September 12.

Meanwhile, appearing in an interview on a local TV station, NBS, a day after the death of Gen. Aronda, Brig. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga, a friend said: "Aronda was murdered."

Gen. Kasirye claimed Gen Aronda had expressed concerns about threatening phone calls he was receiving in regards to the National Identity Cards project he was supervising. "Cut the Crap. I don't buy it. You've done away with Aronda."

"Aronda was killed, " he added "You can quote me." He said those responsible for Gen. Aronda’s death, had opened a can of warms within the military.

Gen. Aronda’s name had prominently appeared in a ‘Muhoozi Project’ dossier that was authored by former coordinator of all intelligence services and presidential advisor, Gen. David Sejusa.

Gen. David Sejusa, had claimed Aronda, himself, Amama Mbabazi the former prime minister now running for president against Gen. Museveni were on a list of people listed for elimination because they allegedly opposed Muhoozi project plan to groom Muhoozi Kaenerugaba, Museveni's son to succeed the father. Before he temporarily fled to the U.K. Sejusa asked Internal Security Organization (ISO) chief, Brig. Ronnie Balya, to investigate the alleged assassination plot.

Plot or coincidence? Well Mbabazi and Sejusa are alive and well. Time will tell.


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