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Bishop James Ocan of Pentecostal Churches delivering relied good to Gulu district COVID-19 Task Force recently

“All Ugandans from six years of age and above shall receive free face masks. These masks shall be distributed through the Local Council system. We shall provide one mask per person and it shall be worn all the time when one is in public.”

GULU-UGANDA: Ugandans will have to wait for another 14 more days before its lockdown is partially lifted since, at the moment, there are no standard face masks for everyone in the country despite the President’s directive for compulsory wearing of face masks whenever one goes to public places.

On the evening of Monday 18th May 2020, every Ugandan paid keen attention to his/ her television set, radio or other online platforms where the President’s 14th nation address on the state of COVID -19 was to be transmitted.

In the address, the President was expected to further lift the lockdown after partially lifting some few areas in the previous address of 4th May 2020, at the State House in Nakasero.

However, the masses were left in a dungeon of disappointment coupled with confusion after Mr. Museveni showed a green light for the Buses, Minibuses and Taxis to operate with half the normal capacity.  All private vehicles should also go back on the road but they should not carry more than three people.

The contradiction in his statement came after he emphasized the compulsory wearing of face masks by the masses whenever they are going to the public.

According to him, the government shall distribute free standard face masks to everyone in the country and that people should first wait for the masks to be distributed before the public and private transport are allowed to operate. This process of the distribution according to him will take 14 days from May 19th 2020 meaning everyone has to wait before any possibility of easing the lockdown.

“All Ugandans from six years of age and above shall receive free face masks. These masks shall be distributed through the Local Council system. We shall provide one mask per person and it shall be worn all the time when one is in public.” He reveals

Other sectors that shall be re-opened once the free face masks are distributed include candidate classes in primary and secondary schools and higher learning institutions like universities and other tertiary institutions.  

This means that the President has extended the lockdown for another 14 days in disguise but used the nation address to foretell government’s move after the 14 days.

“All those those directives are tied to the availability of standard face masks that are being manufactured by the Jinja based Nyanza Textile Industries Limited (NYTIL).” Mr. Museveni emphasizes

General merchandisers will now have a sigh of relief after they have been allowed to reopen shops once again after 60 days that they had been closed. The list however, exclude those operating in Arcades and Shopping malls.

All other measures like ban of public gathering, saloons, Boda Boda cyclists carrying passengers, among others remain intact for the next 21 days starting from 19th May 2020.

Lucy Akello, the Woman Member of Parliament for Amuru District told Black Star News in an interview that the President just tactfully extended the lockdown without letting people think that he has extended it. “He just played with people’s psychology since people are tired of staying home.” Says Akello

Akello says as a leader and someone who has been reading people’s comments on social media, the President had to play it cool to avoid protests by the masses. “But it is better to tell people the truth like it is being told in other countries.” She reveals

As of 16th May 2020, Uganda through the Ministry of Health has already carried out 87,832 COVID -19 tests and out of that, a total of 227 test results turned out positive. These include the local community and the cargo truck drivers. Recoveries still stand at 63.

The latest release indicates that Uganda has now registered 260 confirmed cases, out of which there were only 09 cases from the community while 134 are cargo truck drivers from neighbouring countries.



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