Uganda: Pressure To Investigate Kasese After RT Broadcasts "Brilliant Genocide"

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Putin--rejected dictator Museveni's pleas to block "A Brilliant Genocide" broadcast?

Ugandan dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni'’s massacre last month in the Western district of Kasese is a turning point that is unifying all citizens in a concerted struggle for freedom.

Demands to investigate Kasese are resonating especially after last week's worldwide broadcast by RT of "A Brilliant Genocide."

Museveni, the U.S.- and U.K. backed killer president has been in power since Ronald Reagan was in office.

At the heart of this struggle for freedom and dignity in Uganda is the common loathing that Ugandans, African people and the world at large are beginning to feel, in unison, against a gross crime against humanity.

Before Kasese, it was possible to find some people who had closed their eyes to the rampaging flood of blood, tears and pain that had ravaged through the Ugandan nation for 32 years since Gen. Museveni seized power.

Museveni weaved and propagated a false narrative to the world that he was the true savior of a nation that had seen so little peace and political tranquility since it got its independence from the British in 1962. Now his own massacres in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan have overwhelmed his own lies.

Having committed incredibly barbaric acts in the Northern part of Uganda, in Central Uganda, and in regional countries Gen. Museveni may have thought that by attacking the traditional king of Rwenzururu in Kasese, burning his palace and killing an estimated 200 of his unarmed people -he would coerce the populace.

He has even arrested the king and dozens of his compatriots and charged them with treason in order to justify his crimes.

The dictator ordered an attack claiming the king, Charles Wesley Mumbere, was harboring rebels. There were no rebels. Just the king's body guards, relatives and employees. In fact a member of Uganda's national Parliament had been in the palace and had brokered a deal whereby all the bodyguards lay down their arms. He confirmed this by phone to Museveni's commanders.

The Ugandan dictator ordered the attack.


Gen. Museveni faces pronounced crisis of illegitimacy since he stole the February 2016 elections from Dr. Kizza Besigye. That is why he is instigating domestic conflict to divert focus since this is easier than invading neighboring countries as he has done in the past.

In his warped mind, Gen. Museveni may have thought that killing, torturing and dehumanizing Rwenzururu King, Charles Wesley Mumbere’'s subjects would somehow defuse defiance to his illegal regime.

How so very wrong he was. Kasese has and will forever become the historical moment that radically changed the perception of the majority of Ugandans and most of the world about Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

Even his own officers are distancing themselves from the dictator in connection with the Kasese massacre.

General Katumba Wamala, Museveni’'s Chief of Defense Forces, in his statement to a Parliamentary Committee investigating the Kasese massacre are quite instructive. Wamala, who had been seen in Kasese just before the massacre, bluntly denied having anything to do with the palace killings. He added that those commanders who led the butchery on the ground were executing Museveni’'s personal orders.

Another senior officer, Brigadier Kasirye Ggwanga, who works as Museveni’'s military advisor on Buganda region affairs, was even more blunt, arguing that army commanders who oversaw the massacre should have defied Museveni’s orders. The officer was quoted in the press saying: “"You just cannot bomb the palace and shoot everyone when you have women, cooks, shamba boys and children there. It is idiocy”."

Even then, the military establishment are now trying to scapegoat the commander who was on the scene of the slaughter, Brigadier Peter Elwelu. Everyone in Uganda knows commander in chief Museveni directs military operations.

Calls continue to grow for an impartial international investigation of the massacre. The outcry comes at a time when Gen. Museveni's crimes are increasingly exposed.

Recently Russian authorities were pressured by Gen. Museveni from screening "A Brilliant Genocide" on RT (Russia Today) television network, the hard-hitting documentary ( by Australian filmmaker Ebony Atlanta Butler about the genocide committed by Gen. Museveni in the Northern part of Uganda. The Russians rejected Gen. Museveni's pleas after concluding that he was beyond saving after the Kasese massacres.

Because of Russia's major role in the conflict in Syria, RT is monitored at the United Nations headquarters in New York, by the U.S. State Department, by The White House, and by 10 Downing Street. All the major global players now cannot pretend not to know who Gen. Museveni really is --a pathological killer-- after watching "A Brilliant Genocide."

This is the reason why there is pressure to investigate Kasese. This would also open the doors into investigating the multiple massacres ordered by this uniquely cruel dictator.

Still, Ugandans must continue with their defiance struggle without thinking that someone is going to come from outside and liberate them from Gen. Museveni. The struggle for change by Ugandans must continue until the country is liberated.

Dr. Vincent Magombe is Secretary
Free Uganda Leadership Committee and
Press Secretary FU

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