Uganda: The People Power Revolution

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Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a Bobi Wine in D.C. with Kharim Ntambi.


So the buzz is that the desperate NRM government has decided to use Balaam to register “People People” as a non profit organization to help the elderly.

The oxymoron in this antic is that Balaam fails to realize that the “elderly” are already being taken care of. The majority of NRM senior government officers are senior citizens that really don’t need your help because they have stolen each and every penny from us and should retire as soon as possible.

Balaam should not be seen anywhere in the country trying to take photos with the poor elders of our country with bags of money. Our poor people need basic services such as health care and food security. The NRM takes pride in running the country like a drug cartel and soon you are going to see bags of money roll out from the state house from the unlimited presidential budget. I believe after 33 years you can not convince anyone that this is being done in good faith but rather a symptom of corruption with impunity.

The #PEOPLE_POWER revolution doesn’t work for M7 neither can he dictate on how it should be run. If you wanted us to have structures, maybe we should have learnt from you but honestly is there anything to admire from NRM anymore?

Anyways, our inspiration for PP is the reaffirmation that constitutionalism can still work in Uganda and people are still able to reclaim their power. We have never been inspired by war lords and that is why our approach is different and very appealing to every Ugandan. Our strategy is to have our people understand their role as stake holders in the future of this country. #Okwebereramu

From Ungovernability to People’s Power, that was the vision that our sisters in South Africa had while fighting apartheid. No wonder our revolution has been endorsed by Africa’s own Princess and freedom fighter Yvonne Chaka Chaka--Princess of Africa.

No one will stop us and we shouldn’t be distracted by the regime but rather keep our eyes on the prize.

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