Uganda: Vote Out Dictator, Don't Beg Him To Yield

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Ugandan Dictator Gen. Museveni -- long backed by the U.S., last July while in Ethiopia President Obama called on rulers like him to step down

[Op-Ed: Uganda Elections 2016]

31 days before Election Day my post today is focusing on the attitude of some of our change craving Ugandans. It appears that many Ugandans in their desperate desire for change have resorted to begging mode. You hear people appealing to the dictator to give up power voluntarily. They are promising to reward him with a lot of niceties if he gives up power now.

What's wrong with these people? What good has this dictator done for our country that can qualify him for any reward?  He came to power when Uganda had an integrated transport system through the Uganda Transport Corporation (UTC). This transport system used to be supplemented by the 'Bus Za Badanda'.

The country had a national airline - the Uganda Airline. Now after 30 years of stealing and economic vandalism, which some people mildly describe as extreme economic mis-management, our country's transport system has collapsed beyond repair.

Those who want to reward this dictator are out of there mind. People must remember that the tools to defeat dictator Museveni is already in their hands. The smoking gun is their VOTE. There is no need to beg the dictator to give up power when you only have 31 days to deliver a devastating blow to him. No dictator will ever give up power. Dictators' like Museveni believe that the country belong to them. That no one but them is capable of leading the country. The prefer to die in power that to retire. So stop begging JUST VOTE HIM OUT.

30 years ago our country had hospitals that were well maintained. There might have been some difficulties within them but they were functioning. Now, you cannot find any functioning hospital anywhere in Uganda. For this reason, every rich individual or and especially those in power fly abroad to seek medical care and attention due to the lack of functioning hospitals in the country.

As the majority of our citizens are poor and cannot afford to seek medical attention abroad, what choice do they have other than perishing helplessly. 

Have you seen the situation in Kitagata hospital? (I have posted a video about it with this posting so that you can comprehend what is going on in Uganda before people resort to begging a dictator who has done more harm than good to our country).

The problem and neglect in Uganda's health service is not exclusive to Kitagata hospital. It is replicated in all Uganda hospitals including Mulago. What ever you see in Kitagata is what you will see if you go to Bugiri, or Moyo, or Arua, or Kayunga.

So instead of begging the dictator to step down, just commit all your energy to the protection of your VOTE and be prepared to die in the process of guarding your VOTE.

Dictator Museveni said he doesn't work for the people of Uganda. He said that he is only working for his children and grand children. That are his own words. So good people of Uganda why do you beg a dictator like Museveni ?

People of Uganda, ITS TIME TO GROW UP POLITICALLY. Politicians should be the ones to beg you for your VOTES not the other way round.

Before you vote for them please ask them what they intend to do for your area and the country at large.

The only reason why voting is only extended to those above a certain age is because they expect a person of the voting age to distinguish between a liar and person telling the truth.

For example when a person who has been in power for 30 years asks you to vote for him so that he can build that hospital you have craved for for the past 30 years, do you believe him? The other day Museveni said he was going to build a referral hospital in every district. This is a man who has failed to maintain the existing hospitals he found in the country 30 years ago. Any Ugandan who believes in Museveni's outlandish plans of hospital building needs his or her head to be examined by psychiatrist.

Free Uganda is assuring the people of Uganda that as long as they do the right things on voting day, the dictator will have no room and no chance to maneuver. Remember casting your vote is not the end of voting. That is just the beginning. After voting you will have to ensure that your vote is properly protected and properly counted.

Our opposition mobilizer's will tell the people how this will be done.

Today's message is: No begging. No slacking. No complacency. No withdrawing and No surrendering.

Let me end by these words from W. B. Yeats from the 'The Second Coming'

"Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world".

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