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[Comment: On Dictatorship In Uganda]

Uganda has a tyrant who despises the country’s population.

Even though Gen. Yoweri Museveni talks “Pan Africanism,” to him it's only really about his immediate family and village.

Everyone else is a foreigner and potential enemy. That's why Gen. Museveni has no qualms killing Ugandan citizens or declaring himself president by nullifying the votes of millions of people who voted for, and made Dr. Kizza Besigye, the country’s President-Elect.

But Gen. Museveni also knows one other major thing -- he knows that if he plays it well he could get away with it.

This is because he knows some of the leaders who run the Western countries whose support he absolutely needs to survive are also contemptuous towards Africans. He uses this to his advantage.

Apartheid couldn’t have endured for so long in South Africa and what was then Rhodesia without pervasive contempt towards Africans by people who controlled the Western governments and corporations that aided and abetted those regimes. Even though Africans were being dehumanized, terrorized and treated like subhuman, the apartheid regimes for the most part did business-as-usual with the West.

Gen. Museveni is a good student of hate and an ethnic-bigot himself as he’s demonstrated in Uganda over three decades. He has mastered the apartheid playbook and sets Uganda’s various ethnic groups against each other; the classic divide-and-rule.

Gen. Museveni knows how to appeal to the more perverted part of the brain in some Western circles. In an interview published in The Atlantic Monthly Magazine's September 1994 (Vol. 274 Issue 3 page 22) edition Gen. Museveni pontificated to a reporter: “I have never blamed the whites for colonizing Africa: I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid, you should be taken a slave.”

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