Ugandans Protest Against U.S.-backed Tyrant Museveni's Life-Presidency bill

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Gen. Amin, and Gen. Museveni. Amin, the last Life-President, ended up as a guest of the Saudi government.

September 21 will be known as the start of the Liberation March in Uganda.

Brave Ugandans defied illegal orders barring protests by the country's brutal police commander Gen. Kale Kayihura and took to the streets to protest against attempts by the country's U.S.-backed dictator of 31 years to rape the constitution.

The dictator, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, is in New York where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday. He wants to remove from the constitution the clause that prohibits anyone older than 75 from running for president. His acolytes in Parliament moved to start a debate today, sparking street protests and violent reaction by Kayihura's assassins. Prominent opposition leaders were also arrested leading to condemnation by even the U.S., which backs the dictator with $750 million every year, including with lethal weapons.

The cowardly general timed the Parliamentary action during his absence in case of bloodshed in the streets. While here in New York some world leaders have shunned him like the plague after learning for the first time about his past comments praising Hitler and denigrating enslaved Africans.

Museveni is officially 73 --but he is believed to be possibly 80-- and would not be eligible to run in 2021. He rigged last year's elections and pronounced a new five-year mandate for himself. It's widely believed the opposition candidate Dr. Kizza Besiye won the vote and he's regarded in many circles as Uganda's legitimate president.

In 2005 Gen. Museveni forced Parliament to remove term limits from he constitution. Barring the age limit, the dictator would open the way for a Life Presidency.

The last Ugandan to proclaim himself life president was Gen. Idi Amin. No wonder the reactions against Museveni's age-limit removal scheme have been swift, bold and forceful. Ugandans have denounced members of Parliament who support Museveni's Life-Presidency bill; some reportedly were bribed to push the measure.

In addition to street protests, as of this afternoon, 6,722 people had signed an online petition demanding that Members of Parliament not remove the age-limit clause.

Ugandans compare the intensity of the ongoing protests to the 2014 uprising in Burkina Faso when Parliament there tried to change the constitution so dictator of 27 years, Blaise Compaore, could run again. Demonstrators, including the youth, burned down the Parliamentary building. Compaore fled into exile. Burkina Faso went on to restore democratic and accountable government.

Dictator Museveni's regime may have run its course.

The Western countries that have backed Museveni's criminal actions for decades and ignored his regional military invasions that have led to the deaths of millions of people in Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan, and massacres within Uganda --such as in Kasese last November-- have issued statements supporting Ugandans' rights to free speech and protests.

U.S. ambassador Deborah R. Malac said: "Infringement on protected rights under Uganda's Constitution will impede the country's development. We call on the government of Uganda to guarantee all its citizens freedom of speech, expression, and assembly, without fear of intimidation."

The European Union in a statement said: "We monitor closely and with concern the most recent reports of cases of arrests and actions targeting NGOs and political activists."

The right to protest and to resist any attempt to hijack the constitution are enshrined in that supreme document.

Gen. Museveni and Gen. Kayihura will both be held accountable for the deaths of any Ugandans exercising their constitutionally protected rights.

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