Uganda's Youth Must Reject Handouts to lead the Revolution they Want

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Mwalimu Tahakabar

Revolutionary songs of freedom have for years been echoing from every corner of Uganda, a fact that clearly makes one think that the country is ripe for a revolutionary political overhaul.

Revolutions have occurred in other African countries even while we cheer. Maybe God isn't yet happy with us to see the change we need.

Why else would he hand us dictatorship under one man's rule for 32 years?

Why would God make His own struggle and suffer this way for ages?

The country has no proper sewage system in major towns, it lacks a functioning educational system, the salaries for the number one profession--teachers--are miserable and laughable, the railway system are dilapidated, and the police force does not function.

Corruption is so acute that even money sent by the international community for refugees was stolen earning the country a deserved spot on the list of the most corrupt.

Due to lawlessness citizens can't walk freely with money before they're lynched and burnt to ashes by thugs as happened with the former Case Clinic employee. Poor healthcare --a number of health centers and hospitals can't treat even simple fever for lack of supplies-means mothers give birth by the road side. Dictator Yoweri Museveni has taken us back to the 19th century.

Why would God do that to his own ?

Why would God give Uganda the youngest population in the world --with more than 77% younger than 30 years old-- then allow 82% to be unemployed?

One would think that with a young population Uganda should be blessed with enough human resource to make things turn around and bail the country out of poverty.

But is it really God's fault that we find ourselves in these conditions? Isn't it true that God helps those who help themselves?

On several occasions, the youth have been used as political stooges, political barricades, and political spinners of bad policies by bad leaders that have held this nation into captivity. Youth have been seen on the front lines drumming for bad policies that even endanger their own existence.

Most Politicians in Uganda know they can manipulate the youth allover the country--in Kampala, Mbarara, Mbale, Jinja, Kabale, FortPortal--to do their bidding with money.

Basically most of the youth in Uganda unlike in other countries are unpatriotic. Yes survival is tough. Yey asking for money from every politician is equivalent to putting their own country of birth up for sale. The highest bidder takes it all. That's why we are stuck with unprincipled politicians in Parliament. Last year Parliament lifted the age ceiling so one man, Yoweri Museveni, can continue destroying Uganda--making conditions miserable for all except corrupt rich elite including many Members of Parliament.

What is the price for selling our soul?

Politicians take a handful of youth to posh hotels, serve them good food and drinks. Next you'll see are selfie photos of these youth posing with captions of "At Serena taking lunch" , "Speke Resort chilling with my buddies." Then the politicians will put a few shillings in their pockets and there are no more thoughts of Revolutionary change in their minds. The politicians get this little investment back by embezzling state funds.

Some youth will be seen ranting on social media about how they've been forgotten by these politicians. What did you expect after you sold your soul to the devil? As Professor PLO Lumumba says in his speeches--we have placed the goats to be taken care of by hyenas and when the goats are consumed we wonder why.

Every nation is liberated by its young population. Dictator Museveni himself, Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the late Andrew Kayira, the late Aronda Nyakairima, all engaged in some struggle when they were between the ages of 20-45.

Revolutions are led by the young who have something to lose and look forward to gaining something better; not by men in their evening hours waiting for pension.

The youth in Uganda must come out of sleep and be the face of the Revolution they want to see in Uganda. Reject cheap tokens from politicians. Avoid those closed door pathetic meetings with politicians. Stop using your social media pages for posting what you ate yesterday. Use them to rally many more young people to understand the urgency of freedom. Now or Never!

You have no one but yourselves if you betray the nation if you don't seize the moment.

The writer is a young political activist

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