Very Ugly Business: Gen. Al-Sisi Butcher of Cairo Plunges Egypt Towards Ruinous Civil War

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For weeks we warned in editorials on these pages that the tepid response from the US to the coup in Egypt by Gen. Fattah al-Sisi would only embolden the dictator and unleash more bloodshed following the early massacre of about 200 when he seized power.

We also noted that major media outlets deplorably downplayed coverage of the earlier massacre. The diabolical response was punctuated by Secretary of State Kerry's insane claim that the generals in Egypt hadn't committed a coup --which should have triggered suspension of the $1.5 billion aid to Egypt's army-- but that they were "restoring" democracy. This shameful coddling has backfired.

Ugly only breeds uglier.

Predictably Al-Sisi committed what must be characterized as a crime against humanity, ordering government security officers to use lethal force against Egyptian citizens protesting the illegal seizure of power from an elected president. Several hundreds and possibly even thousands, of unarmed Egyptians, were killed or wounded. The government's assault included snipers and in some cases those wounded were blocked from heading to the hospital, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. 

Former long-time dictator Hosni Muhammad Mubarak was tried and convicted for ordering the killing of far fewer Egyptians. Al-Sisi can't enjoy special privilege or immunity; what would constrain other dictatorial killers around the world?

When he recently encouraged Egyptians who opposed The Muslim Brotherhood to take to the streets, Al-Sisi stoked further division and implicitly endorsed mob violence. Egypt is today more divided than it's ever been, on the edge of civil war that would benefit no one except the country's enemies. Deposing a legitimate government is easier than governing as the general has now learned.

Al-Sisi has done more harm to Egypt's cohesiveness and stability than any outside force. A regime that mass murders its own citizens does not deserve to be in place -- even if it's a US "ally.

No wonder Vice President Mohammed El Baradei quit -- he had tarnished his legacy by supping with the military regime.

The US now claims it no longer wields much influence in Egypt.

Well that's even better reason to create distance from the Butcher of Cairo, Al-Sisi, by suspending the assistance to the army.

The only way forward for Egypt is a broad-based government headed by duly elected president Mohammed Morsi, not by a belligerent killer who must now face justice like Mubarak did.

Surely Al-Sisi can't be allowed to continue running this ugly show?


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