WBAI New York Radio's Black Star News Show--Interviews Ugandan Torture Victim, Author Kakwenza

tortured by dictator Gen. Museveni
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Kakwenza Rukirabashaija. Tortured by Uganda's U.S.-backed military dictator Gen. Museveni over a novel called "The Greedy Barbarian." 
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Greetings Sisters and Brothers, Comrades!
Tune in today Tuesday Sept. 29 at 3PM (a link to today's show is below) U.S. Eastern Standard Time (10PM East Africa) to “Black Star News Show” on WBAI New York 99.5 FM Radio also streaming on www.wbai.org as host Milton Allimadi interviews Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, Ugandan author and Black Star News columnist. Kakwenza was arrested in April and tortured—water boarding, hung in chains like a hog, beaten until unconscious, ordered to eat his own feces—by an outfit called the chieftaincy of military intelligence (CMI) of Ugandan dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s regime after he published “The Greedy Barbarian.” The novel is about a corrupt African dictator who turns the country’s national treasury into his family’s personal ATM. Perhaps the Ugandan military dictator saw too much resemblance between himself and the main character in “The Greedy Barbarian.” 
While being tortured Kakwenza says he was asked to explain if the Greedy Barbarian was indeed Gen. Museveni. He was again arrested on Sep. 18 and beaten by military “intelligence” after he completed a new book “Banana Republic, Where Writing Is Treasonous,” sparking a global #FreeKakwenza campaign and a statement condemning the arrest by the U.S. State Department. The United States has been Gen. Museveni’s main financial and military supporter throughout his 34 years of tyranny.
The second guest on today’s show is Candace Kelley, a lawyer who is a frequent guest commentator on Court TV and a Media law professor at Rowan University. Candace breaks down the travesty surrounding the Breonna Taylor case.
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