Will U.S.-backed Gen. Museveni Murder Archbishop Lwanga The Way Gen. Amin Killed Lowum?

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Brave Archbishop Lwanga--Ugandans must assure him that they will protect him from murderous U.S.-backed dictator Museveni.

The Catholic Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has received chilling death threats from U.S.-backed dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni's agents.

Ugandans must take these threats seriously. Museveni is feeling very insecure at the moment, and he will do anything to stay in State House.

The dictator receives more than $1 billion annually from the U.S. and Britain in financial and military support.

The fears expressed by Archbishop Lwanga, about the death threats he has received from agents of Museveni's killer regime
must be taken seriously, given the Ugandan ruling regime's track record of murdering its critics and perceived political opponents, including religious leaders.

Ugandans see in Museveni's threats confirmations of the signs we have witnessed lately. That no one is immune from the vicious tentacles of tyranny not even relijgious leaders. Recall that Gen. Idi Amin first threatened the late Bishop Janan Luwum before murdering him then concocting a supposed car accident. Dictator Amin lasted two years after that murder.


Moreover, memories are still very fresh of countless leading Muslim Clerics who have been shot dead in broad daylight, many of them known to have uttered criticisms against the ruling regime.

Apart from prominent Muslim leaders, a growing number of prominent Ugandans continue to be murdered through direct hits, using gunmen riding on boda bosa motorbikes, as happened to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Andrew Kaweesi and Mrs. Joan Magezi the Assistant Director of Public Prosecution.

In the over 30 years of Museveni's criminal rule in Uganda, countless public figures have died in exceedingly suspicious circumstances, and the regime has failed to explain the deaths, let alone instigate proper investigations, or bring anyone to account.

It must also be remembered that the general security situation in the country has markedly deteriorated, and as a result large numbers of simple citizens are being murdered, kidnapped, raped, etc., and the regime has shown little care of ending the horrors. In many cases, it has been established that the killers had associations with the regime's security forces, but Museveni has conveniently laid the blame on some of his top hatchet men, such as the former Police Chief, General Kale Kayihura, while distancing himself from the responsibility of a failed national security situation.

It is high time Ugandans held Gen. Museveni to account, since it is he who has the ultimate responsibility of keeping Ugandans safe, and it is his failed leadership of the country that has ignited the fire of unprecedented murders and lawlessness affecting Ugandan citizens.

Even if Museveni is not the one holding the gun and shooting down Ugandans physically, it is his agents and hatchet men doing the jobs for him and on his behalf.

Crimes committed by Mafioso are carried out afterr orders from the Godfather.

Just a few days ago, Blaise Kamugisha the so-called leaders of Museveni's so-called Crime Preventers publicly, and in front of Museveni, promised to kill any Ugandan who is opposed to Mr Museveni's regime. Instead of containing the murderous youth gangs or warning them not to murder innocent citizens, Mr Museveni triumphantly declared that he is proud of his young loyalists who are commanding the Crime Preventers, and even went further to state that he, Museveni, and not General Kale Kayihura, was the one who established and owns the Crime Preventers.

As we all know, Museveni is now very weak, politically, and is only managing to hang onto power by violently repressing and intimidating the Ugandan People. We all know that Mr Museveni is so scared that he thinks that most Ugandans, including religious leaders, want to overthrow him.

As we have variously heard from those who know Museveni well, the man can be extremely dangerous when feeling cornered, and his normal way is to order for the elimination of those he perceives to be his enemies, whether they actually are or not.

That a whole Archbishop of the Kampala Archdiocese should publicly disclose that Gen. Museveni’s agents have threatened to kill him, is not merely a cause for concern, but something which Ugandans must act to prevent – for, it can happen.

The best way to prevent these horrors bedevilling our country Uganda is for all Ugandans to work really hard to remove the man who is the prime source of terror in Uganda today.

The Struggle Continues.

Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda (FU)
Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU

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