Zimbabwe’s Recolonization Complete with Government Land Giveaway to Europeans

Zimbabwe Land Grab
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[Zimbabwe Government]
BSN: "The Zimbabwe Government went further in recolonizing their own people by announcing that Europeans who received stolen lands, during colonization, could now apply to get said lands back--which were stolen by white people from Africans."
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The Zimbabwe Government has decided it will give back retaken stolen land--to the white Europeans who stole it in the first place during the colonial era.

2020 is indeed a strange year.

It's beyond bizarre right now.

In a time when a racial reckoning has been ignited, globally, where Reparations conversations are now being debated more seriously than ever before, Zimbabwe has decided it is politically prudent to make unjustified concessions to the ancestors of those who murdered many Africans and who have plundered African people into poverty.

In July, news emerged that the Zimbabwe Government had signed a $3.5 billion compensation agreement with white farmers who were removed from the stolen lands they once occupied. The $ 3.5 billion would be given to some 4,500 white farmers as compensation for these stolen lands that were rightly taken from them during the presidency of Robert Mugabe and returned to the Zimbabwe people. These lands were stolen with the coming of Europeans—and this African country was renamed Rhodesia, after white supremacist criminal colonizer Cecil Rhodes.

That deal, called the Global Compensation Deed, was decided at a time when 7.7 million Zimbabweans are suffering from hunger according to the World Food Programme (WFP).

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube and acting Agriculture Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri reportedly signed the agreement at President Emmerson Mnangagwa's State House offices in Harare.

Then, last week, the Zimbabwe Government went further in recolonizing their own people by announcing that Europeans who received stolen lands, during colonization, could now apply to get said lands back--which were stolen by white people from Africans. This now means white Europeans of mostly Dutch, British, and German descent can now get back the lands they stole through murder and genocide.

This is the zaniness of the Zimbabwe government in 2020.

When will Africans finally be free of these weak-willed misleaders who always sacrifice the wellbeing of our people for their individualistic interests?

European nations, by and large, have become wealthy because of their economic exploitation of Africa—and have caused our underdevelopment, as Dr. Walter Rodney argued in his classic book “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.” But here we have African leaders deciding to continue that underdevelopment now in the twentieth year of the 21 Century.

Europeans should be repaying Africans for all of the loot they have stolen—and all the lives they have taken.

Land is power. African lands—and labor—have enriched Johnny-come-lately Western “civilizations.” Because of African economic underdevelopment, we see Africans fleeing to Europe from Africa: the main breadbasket and wealth making center that fed and enriched Europe out of her cold caves and “Dark Ages.”

Ironically, many of our African brothers and sisters are now trying to escape to the very countries that have been sucking wealth from the African soil. Unfortunately, some are currently being captured by the racist warlords in Libya—and are now caught up in their web. Many are being sold in the Libyan slave markets of 2020.

These Libyan rebels are now threatening West African nations like Mali. These particular Libyan invaders, whose ancestors came into North Africa in the Seventh Century, are also slowly but surely encroaching on other African lands and territory.

If we aren’t careful ruthless Europeans and Arab racists, will eventually push Africans off the continent.

In the post-George Floyd world, European nations should be pressured now to pay African nations and peoples Reparations for the last 500 years of economic exploitation. Those Arabs who exploited Africans owe our people as well.

But here, in 2020, we have African “leaders” in Zimbabwe signing on to continue the oppression of our people.

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